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How software can foster a just and positive culture where patients and staff feel empowered to speak up

Learn how a digital solution can help put ethical leadership into practice, support and encourage voices in your organisation and work towards a just culture for improvement.
  • 60 Minutes
  • Public Services
  • Freedom to Speak Up

In this exclusive 60-minute web conference we were joined by Jacqui Coles, Vice Chair of the London Freedom to Speak Up Network and FTSU Guardian at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to cover how to use software to create a positive, honest and open culture where staff and patients feel empowered to speak up and have assurance that their voices are important and heard. You will also learn how using software to promote a just culture can help you identify impactful areas of improvement in your organisation.

You will learn how software helps foster a safe and supportive environment for staff to feel encouraged to raise concerns and confident that they will be responded to promptly. You will learn how it provides effective protection from retaliation and how it effectively demonstrates that you are committed to investigating concerns sensitively and confidentially.

You will also learn how a digital solution can help provide proof of a well-led practice in line with the ethical and legal requirements of NHS England to CQC and other regulatory bodies against the new Single Assessment Framework and Regulation 10, 12 & 17.

Designed for

  • Freedom to Speak Up Guardians
  • Chief Nurses
  • Clinical Directors
  • Head of Patient Safety
  • Governance Directors
  • Heads of Compliance and Risk
  • Heads of HR

Organisations that should watch

  • Secondary Care
  • Primary Care
  • Independent Healthcare Companies
  • Care Homes & Social Care Providers
  • Emergency Services
  • Public Services
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This fast-paced web conference will explain these key areas:

  • Understand how using software can help to foster an honest, open and positive culture that promotes the value of speaking up.
  • How fostering a just culture is essential for making impactful improvements within the organisation and how a just culture mindset can lead to positive outcomes and meaningful change.
  • How effective use of a digital solution can demonstrate a commitment to investigating concerns sensitively and confidentially, ensuring that employees feel safe and supported throughout the process.
  • How confidential and secure software can provide protection against backlash to reduce the fear of retaliation and empower staff to raise their concerns.
  • How having a robust digital solution in place can demonstrate a well-led practice in alignment with regulations such as the Single Assessment Framework and Regulations 10, 12 and 17.


Andrew Bingham

Deputy Chief Executive, InPhase

Andrew is responsible for our customer success team, tasked with helping our customers make the most of the opportunities presented by our product features and key business responsibilities of customer retention, adoption and expansion.

Jacqui Coles

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, King's College Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust / Vice Chair London Network

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