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Audit Oversight App

Unlimited, easy-to-use, intelligent audits.

Spend less time doing audits and more time doing what you do best. With unlimited audits, there is no cap or upgrade price on the amount of audits you can do. Whether it's for hand hygeine, friends and family surveys, PPE, clinical audits or anything else, for NHS Trusts, Emergency Services, Primary Care Services, Care Homes or Private Healthcare Providers, your organisation is taken care of. Manage audit questions yourself, report on audits in real-time and triangulate audits with any other oversight app.

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Fast, friendly forms
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Mobile Responsive
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Real-time Analysis
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Question Management
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Triangulate Audits and Incidents
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Audit Action Assurance

Datasheet Download

A free Audit Oversight PDF datasheet for you to take away.

Reduce audit time and improve analysis, one intelligent question at a time.

Super speed with dynamic, responsive forms

Gone will be the days of scrolling past question after question to figure out which ones are relevant to the audit you are doing.

Audit Oversight dynamically presents you with only relevant questions based on your already-given answer.

Use any device, anywhere, with QR codes to load the right audit, immediately.

More completion, more accuracy, better assurance

Shorten and simplify audits to ensure better completion rates and more accurate results at lightning speed.

More accurate audits lead to better audit actions with a higher impact on the areas that matter, and with Audit Oversight, actions are easily added, tracked and assured.

Better reporting and analysis, sooner

Audit Oversight has excellent built-in reporting capabilities with out-of-the-box dashboards to help you see compliance and completion in real-time, by location and service at all levels, by CQC domain or theme, and instantly spot specific question issue trends hidden by the high-level figures.

Slice, dice, and analyse the data by Ward, unit, area or theme without spending hours building custom reports or exporting audit data into Excel or other analysis systems.

No more cut and paste and collation with a Microsoft Office 365 Word Add-in that lets you connect from within your Word document directly to your InPhase data and pull in any table, chart, or visualisation with the latest data.

You’re in control of your questions

Stop wasting time with unruly, old audit systems that don’t let you modify any questions or hidden costs when you rack up a certain number of audits.

Audit Oversight removes all the constraints from creating and managing your audit questions with our easy-to-use drag and drop Question Manager and unlimited audit licensing.

Smart Workflows, Comments and Actions

Built-in workflows ensure the right people can see, review, comment, investigate or approve actions at the exact point you want, with automated alerting and tracking so your governance and assurance team don’t have to chase around.

Audits incorporate the powerful comments capability, including integrated Microsoft Teams collaboration giving meaningful, real-collaboration on audit completion and action-taking.

Audits go further with triangulation

Audits don’t have to be isolated from the rest of your organisation’s information.

Triangulate your audits with CQC self-assessments, safety incidents and near misses, policies, NICE guidance and other quality assurance information with instant integration with over 20 other Oversight apps and even third-party systems, including workforce, PAS, Risk and Incident, and your data warehouse, boosting the power of your audits in helping achieve your broader continuous improvement ambitions.

  • “We found in quarter one this year, that 95% of our eligible staff went onto the system and completed that hand hygiene audit, which is just a fantastic achievement, I think. Made possible by the easy access of the system.”
    Paula Simpson, Director of Nursing & Quality Improvement - Wirral Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

    Key Features

    Managing audits in healthcare

    Fast, friendly forms

    Easy to use forms with dynamic questions only show you what you need to see based on your last answer, making audit completion lightning fast.
    Improving quality in healthcare

    Mobile responsive

    Fill out audits on any device from desktop, tablet, and smartphone with fully responsive audit forms and questionnaires.

    Real-time analytics

    Advanced built-in reporting gives you real-time updates on audit completion across the team, location or theme without any clunky exports!
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    Question management

    Effective links with your outcomes, risks, controls, audits, compliance assurance, projects and actions.
    Managing policies in healthcare

    Triangulate audits and incidents

    Connect your audits to your CQC self-assessments, safety incidents, policies, NICE and near misses with integration to over 20 other InPhase oversight apps and even third-party systems.
    Healthcare NICE guidance

    Audit action assurance

    Create actions on the back of poor audits and ensure they are being completed with full action tracking and management built-in.
    NHSi well led automation

    Easy to use

    With a simple user interface, you and your teams won’t need lengthy training – just plug it in and get started!


    • Save time by spending less of it doing audits and more time doing what you do best.
    • Connected to 20 other InPhase oversight apps and third-party applications for better triangulation.
    • Unlimited audits; you never have to pay to add more or change questions.
    • Easy-to-use question manager lets you create new audits and change questions instantly.
    • Completely cloud-based and supports anonymous submissions.
    • Training and UK support are, of course, included.

    What happens next?

    Book your own demo

    If you want to upgrade to a more cost-effective, easy-to-use audit system, that gives you unlimited audits and built in reporting whilst boosting the triangulation and integration to your other key areas like CQC and incidents, then contact us today!