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CQC Oversight

Single Assessment Framework Support - Be CQC Inspection Ready at All Times.

The 2024 InPhase CQC Quality App update gives you complete oversight of your position against the new 2024 CQC single assessment framework. Rapidly collect information against the new framework with full, guided self-assessments, peer assessment capability and single-place evidence library. Understand how your organisation stands in real-time. Have everything you need for inspection at any time. Produce targeted and monitored action plans for teams to improve weaker areas and ensure your next CQC inspection produces the best result possible.

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A free CQC Oversight App PDF datasheet for you to take away.

InPhase CQC Oversight is already helping healthcare organisations improve their CQC results by 2 levels in 6 months.

Learn how we have upgraded the InPhase CQC Oversight App to align with the new 2024 Single Assessment Framework. We explore how it will guide you through the new framework, reduce evidence collection, get your ready for remote pre-inspections and ultimately save you tons of time. Have a closer look at the platform on our latest webinar here...

Updated to the 2024 CQC Single Assessment Framework "We" Statements

The InPhase app presents the new “We” and “I” statement structures and enables easy on-line self-assessments and evidence updates at any time. A new improved evidence library area makes collecting, aligning and retrieving evidence more efficient than ever.

The app is live in real-time to monitor your current “We” and “I” statement position in each area at any given time so you know the latest position at all times.

Always be ready for remote pre-inspections

All your quality and compliance data and CQC self-assessment data is readily available to share when CQC perform an unsolicited pre-inspection on the new single assessment framework.

You can even choose to provide a unique login to the CQC inspector to simply log in and assess your current compliance against the framework including visibility of your action plans against each area.

On-tap Central Evidence Library

Previously evidence collecting for CQC has eaten up hundreds (or thousands) of hours of staff time on short notice with the collection of evidence being a difficult and complex task. The InPhase CQC App makes it easier to collect evidence on an on-going basis and manage it in one place.

The new evidence library supports central collation of evidence which can be assigned to multiple “We” and “I” statements and fundamental standards in one go.

The central evidence library automatically prompts review of evidence to ensure evidence doesn’t fall out of date, and easy categorisation to the new CQC evidence categories to ensure evidence is provided against the assessed areas.

"We have been trying to collate evidence for upcoming CQC assessment locally, but you can imagine how complex it is without a system like InPhase.”
North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Key Features

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Proven to increase CQC ratings

Effective use of InPhase has raised the CQC ratings of two individual customer groups by two levels in 9 months, taking one from Inadequate to Good in just six months.
NHSi well led automation

Recognised as "Outstanding" - CQC Regulation 17

Use of InPhase is identified as Outstanding practice by CQC under Regulation 17 and proven to raise CQC ratings two levels in six months.


At any time your CQC lead can instantly see and accurately focus time and attention on the individual managers who need support to progress their self-assessments at any time.
Managing audits in healthcare


Questions in InPhase Audit apps can be linked to automatically feed the CQC single assessment framework “I” statements, drastically reducing the time to collate information and survey staff in order to provide the required evidence to support the “I” statement.
Managing actions in healthcare


App users can create and attach actions to a statement and assign the appropriate staff member to carry out the action and report progress. Visualise your quality actions at any time, by owner, team, ward, department or directorate in lists or on our advanced, interactive Gantt chart.
Improving quality in healthcare

Ward to Board Oversight Reporting

The ward to board reporting capability gives you complete oversight of you entire organisation’s position against the single assessment framework as an interactive heatmap across every area by the 5 main CQC statements.


  • Always updated to the latest changes to ensure that you are always working with the newest updates to the CQC Framework.
  • Use of InPhase is identified as Outstanding practice by CQC under Regulation 17 and proven to raise CQC ratings two levels in six months.
  • Peer reviews included against individual We and I Statements to ensure consistency and objectivity in self-assessments and use of evidence.
  • Always be ready for remote inspections with a central evidence library, a unique inspector login and no gaps in evidence against your current standings.
  • Ensure that you are collecting the right evidence, as users are guided through what they are assessing and what evidence is needed to support it.

What happens next?

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