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Healthcare Compliance Management

InPhase introduces InPhase Oversight, a fully integrated assurance framework dedicated to the healthcare industry. A single solution to support the regulatory CQC and NICE frameworks, auditing, action management and real-time performance.

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Wirral Community NHS Trust

"..it’s user friendly, so it’s easy for people to be able to look at to navigate around. It is a very intuitive system, and its visible to everybody."

Emma Carvell

Clinical Programme Manager (SAFE) - Wirral Community NHS Trust

A quick dive into Oversight

Robert Hobbs, CEO illustrates the integrated platform in a 5 minute walk through.

Complete covid crisis dashboards

These health dashboards are specifically designed to help you in your Covid-19 recovery and restoration plans. Ensuring you are fully back on track and compliant with required actions, policies and SOP’s.

What’s more, you can see the impact those plans, actions and non-compliance are having on frameworks such as NICE and CQC. We separately offer pre-built planning and deployment Crisis Apps, so you are covered for every stage of the crisis cycle.

  • covid 19 dashboard for Healthcare Governance Teams
  • covid 19 dashboard for Healthcare Governance Teams
  • covid 19 dashboard for Healthcare Governance Teams
  • covid 19 dashboard for Healthcare Governance Teams
"Think of InPhase Oversight like an insurance policy so you know where you are as a health organisation, and mitigate the risk of the unknown! "
Andrew Bingham, VP Health & Customer Success - InPhase

Key Features



Monitor & report performance at all levels of the Trust from activity data to performance against goals, and business plans at all levels.
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Self-Assessment / Ward accreditation – Board Assurance that you have visibility of the actions for your organisation.
Healthcare NICE guidance


Latest guidance loaded and configured for your organisation.
Managing policies in healthcare


Review all your policies in one place, and automate policy actions
Managing audits in healthcare


Track progress of all clinical audits and improvement actions in one place.
Managing actions in healthcare


Integrated project and programme management, monitor costs to go, plan your projects and activities.
Improving quality in healthcare

Quality Improvement

Track and report on progress for your quality improvement plan.
NHSi well led automation


Well led and use of resources frame work, pre-loaded.


  • Drive improvements
  • Reduce cost of data collection, query and reporting
  • Achieve aligned action management and assurance
  • Improve effectiveness of resources and actions
  • Improve engagement and accountability
  • Improve decision-making

What happens next?

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