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Risk Management App

Fully Integrated Risk Management

Modernise your risk management processes and give your managers the real-time awareness they need to mitigate issues before they happen, and handle risks correctly when they do. Enable every manager to recognise and mitigate risks to targeted outcomes, objectives, regulatory compliance and processes.

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Align risks to goals
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Assure control effectiveness
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Action routing
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Tailored alerts
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Datasheet Download

A free Risk App PDF datasheet for you to take away.

Newport City Council

"...we have seen individuals and service areas utilise the system more effectively in decision making, using the system to manage risk and being more proactive in terms of managing that risk."

Paul Flint

Senior Performance Management Officer – Newport City Council

Make risk reporting easy

All the best risk dashboards, reports and risk registers you need are already in the box. And if you want a little extra, you can always customise something quickly and easily with our intuitive custom Designer toolkit.

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Still bouncing between multiple systems?

Are you spending far too much time dealing with different logins and searching around in separate systems for different types of risks? Are you unsure how they relate to the rest of your business? With the InPhase Integrated Risk App, all your risks can be directly linked to your current projects, strategic plans, outcomes and objectives - all from right within the App.

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Work under one roof

Detached risk registers are weak and helpless.

Outcomes, objective, projects, actions, KPI’s, regulations and audits each have risks that need to be considered and prioritised, with automatically routed mitigation action plans enabled.

See where actions to mitigate one risk also drive success in other areas, so you not only capture, but do, less.

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Don’t lose track

With complete action tracking for your risk actions, mitigating actions will never slip under the radar again. Our App gives your entire team and the wider organisation a clear view of any risk actions they are associated with, so you can be assured they never miss a beat.

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Image of Rob Hobbs, CEO, InPhase
"Thanks to the InPhase Integrated Risk App, our customers have found it easier than ever to ensure that everyone considers risks at each level of their organisation, from strategy to transaction, as an integrated part of the day job. "
Paul Clinton, Chief Solutions Officer - InPhase

Key Features

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Risk Governance

See risks quickly and easily at each level, including teams, departments, directorates and board.
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Create alignment and focus, ensuring risk identification, control and mitigation are designed to achieve your organisation’s strategy and outcomes.
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Easily manage risks from each perspective; organisation, outcome, regulation and project in one system.
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Link Risks

Link risks to projects, action plans, outcomes and regulations - without having to go into a separate system or area.
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Layered exception alerting

See at a glance the most relevant risks that need the most urgent attention.
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Auto Risk Analysis Pop-ups

Ensure that everyone sees essential risk information throughout the system quickly and easily, for better, faster decision-making.
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Automated routing

With automated routing and scheduling of assessments, actions, controls, updates and reminders, you don’t waste any more time on chasing and collating.
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Our Risk App dovetails seamlessly with other Apps, including Project, Plan, Board Assurance Framework, Quality Assurance, Audit, SOP and custom areas.


  • Make risk relevant, easy and simple for users.
  • Ensures Compliance.
  • Be “crisis ready” and give clear, concise, easy instructions on what to do when risks occur.
  • Prioritize risks and associated spend.
  • Easily evidence risks, safety and the effectiveness of the services you provide.
  • Continually predict risks and lessen their effects.
  • Be the RockStar Risk Manager who REALLY makes a difference.

What happens next?

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