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Our fully integrated apps for healthcare and other regulated industries help you improve performance and assurance without spending months setting it up.

  • Eliminate duplicated activities
  • Adeptly execute plans
  • Make compliance easy
  • Make better decisions, sooner
Representation of InPhase with action lists, performance management text, and connected people
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Organisations that deliver outcomes for our communities, rely on InPhase.

"There’s been a really positive impact on culture within the trust as a result of InPhase, and I have to say that was quite unexpected, it wasn’t something that we hadn’t particularly expected to happen quite so quickly."
Photo of Emma Carvell

Paula Simpson

Director of Nursing & Quality Improvement - Wirral Community NHS Trust

One platform. One version of the truth. Better decisions.

  • Stop arguments. This is the correct information.
  • Create a single window for unified real time performance improvement and decision making.
  • More than data. Prioritization, impact analysis, targets, subjective opinion, governance, risk and compliance, audits, policies, SOPs, current action planning and even idea sharing.

Be alerted. Be assured. Be right.

"We have also been able to embed all our performance measures, Service Plans, audits and risk actions to capture service delivery requests the once and use numerous times; reducing duplication and officer time. "
Alex Scrivens Photo

Alex Scrivens

Performance Improvement Manager - Fylde Council
InPhase business fitness tracker graphic showing mini task dashboard

It's the fitness tracker for your Trust or organisation.

  • Set goals, targets and actions everyone wants to achieve.
  • Track effectiveness, actual and predicted.
  • Trigger encouragement, spot problems, learn from mistakes.
  • Recognise and share achievements and successes. Feel a sense of pride and value.
  • Push critical information directly to your phone so you can act.
"The tool has offered us more than we had initially hoped and the scope keeps growing. As it's open and transparent for all staff to view compliance, it allows for easy identification of areas that require improvement that may otherwise be missed."
Photo of Emma Carvell

Emma Carvell

Clinical Programme Manager SAFE – Wirral Community NHS Trust
Graphic of InPhase action and performance management with notifications via sms

Take the right action at the right time.

Automate enterprise performance management. Predictive and proactive, get critical push alerts and suggestions direct to your inbox, phone or personal hub. So you can pre-empt issues, then manage by fact and process, not best guess.

"With InPhase we have seen individuals and service areas utilise the system more effectively in decision making, using the system to manage risk and being more proactive in terms of managing that risk."
Photo of paul flint

Paul Flint

Senior Performance Management Officer - Newport City Council

Created with remote teams & collaborative partnerships in mind.

Engage everyone in quality and enterprise performance management. For every type of user including front line service teams, the public, suppliers, local partners and the Board. InPhase is every Managers best friend, helping users be assured, prepared and always the best version of themselves they can be.

Deployable from anywhere. Ward, home, or even out and about. InPhase supports your teams and local area partners work, they way they want to work.

Real benefit in a week


Access day one. Quantifiable benefit within the week. Implementations are reliable, fast and aligned to your needs.

Loved by users


Go to bed secure in the knowledge you’ve done everything you can to deliver quality improvement, mitigate issues and make the world a better place for your customers

Future Proof


Specialist Apps to immediately solve problems and engage users

Astonishing NO CODE drag and drop build of your own Apps, portals and reports. All the power and ease of use, no HTML coding skills.

Best in class care and support


Embedding specialist vertical expertise, active online communities, awesome user group meetings, monthly power hours, on line training, tech and general support helplines.

In just a click, your job gets easier. Speak to the team.

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