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Integrated Business Management Software

Your perfect combination.
Elite product, service and expertise.

Higher than normal ROI and user uptake. Designed for people who want to make their organisations better.

  • Rapid on boarding with Apps designed specifically for your vertical, or to fix specific business issues.
  • High user uptake with personalised views, data and reporting designed for the end users, available day one.
  • Fully configurable so you can extend, evolve and tailor your business models, reports, data and compliance, your way.
  • Creates one version of the truth, pushed to each user in their frame of reference, for past, present and predicted outturn.

One unifying platform, all the benefits. Designed for your specific needs.

Your combination of solutions, delivered your way. Digitise governance, assurance and compliance of all business functions in a way that's nurturing, engaging and intuitive for everyone, fostering an inclusive performance culture.

Graphic representation of how the InPhase platform fits together with solutions, key features, building blocks and apps


No matter how you deploy, everyone from the CEO to front line staff knows what MUST be done, in what priority order, how it’s going, and where corrective changes need to occur.

Enterprise Performance Management just for you

Customer knowledge
is key.

“Our focus on Health and Regulated Industries means we get to specialise in, and really understand how to best fix your problems. We understand better than any other company the barriers, be they cultural, political or economic, you have, and where you need to get to”.
Robert Hobbs. CEO - InPhase
Graphic showing 3 columns of why to use InPhase deployment, big benefits and credibility


This allows us to deliver solutions at a higher level of quality than our competitors.

Your secret weapon

We know your standards, regulations and quality demands inside out.


We are 100% aligned to delivering solutions to fix your workplace, governance, compliance and assurance problems.

Safeguard that better, faster, more aligned decisions and actions are continuously achieved.

Two people sitting at a laptop comparing notes

InPhase Helps Your Team Deliver...

Better Decisions

Whether it's times of crisis, or business as usual, ensure the best decisions are made. You can ensure these have the highest positive impact now and in the future.

Better Impact

Capture, review, re-plan; actions, outcomes, projects and risks, continuously, defining their planned and actual contribution to success.

Better Responsiveness

Deliver USEFUL intelligence to your managers including predicted short and long term expected outturn performance.

Better Execution

Facilitates faster change with improved understanding of fact and process.

Better Uptake

Easy, fun, intuitive and engaging so anyone can use it.

Better Insight

Gets you to the right information at the right time.
InPhase personal action management dashboard

Business Management Software

Unlike any other.

InPhase drives employee engagement in continuous quality improvement.

Never miss a deadline or problem again. Reassure the community you’re checking for quality, dealing with potential problems, escalating priorty concerns and asking for help where needed.

Helpful Performance Management

Predict. Automate. Streamline.

Let InPhase do the hard work for you. Analytical functions flag trends in the past that matter now. Automate SOP's, action management and risk or crisis response.
  • Drive out redundant processes
  • Stop unaligned low impact work
  • Create a culture of action
InPhase fire and rescue dashboard with hover popups for more information

Integrated Discussion

Predicted Outturn

Drag and drop filters

Real time alerting

Be in the know, always.

Real-time critical alerting or current and predicted issues direct to your phone, email and personal hub. Get what’s most important, when it matters, so you have time to collaborate and manage proactive decisions and actions.

  • With InPhase we are in it together
  • The unknown creates fear. InPhase creates certainty and assurance
  • Diagnose problems before they even happen
InPhase notifications example on an illustrated style phone


Add in the collective power of InPhase.

Want to accelerate your journey? Find the pre built Apps and Boosts that work for you.

Your opportunity to leverage fast and easy ways to embed specialist knowledge and IPR from InPhase, Partners and even other customers into simple and easy-to-use out-of-the-box solutions.

Loaded at any time in your performance improvement journey, the Apps are an even faster shortcut to brilliance.

As specialists in Health and Regulated Industries, many Apps, including the market leading Oversight Health Solution, specific to your unique needs are available.

InPhase is already loaded with loads of amazing reports and personalisation ready to go. On boarding is simple and easy and you can add apps at any time.

Of course, you can also build your own and share in the App Marketplace.

Illustration of the InPhase apps all connected


Plenty already in the box.

Example of the InPhase out-the-box personal portal
Out of the box, every InPhase implementation delivers awesomeness to ensure maximum compliance, cultivate engagement and reduce duplicated data and processes. Just log in and get going with:
  • Personalised portals
  • Hundreds of popular Heath or Regulated Body Reports
  • Organisational Structures
  • Personal Actions
  • Time sheets
  • ...and lots more!


Create it your way?

Example of the InPhase drag and drop editor

With the InPhase Designer Platform, you will be in charge of your own user interface, methodologies and structures. Changes can be made in minutes, always by you the report creator, and you can even control what level of customisation and power your end users can have too.

We’ll help you as much or as little as you desire, but rest assured the tool is not only easy, but fun to use as well

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Experience bigger and better breakthroughs, service and expertise.

Be the Rockstar and make sure your teams don't waste energy on useless activity any more.