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Integrated Improvement Assurance in outcomes focused organisations

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In this paper we offer one current best practice approach to creating a set of Plans and managing their delivery to achieve improvement, which is embodied in the InPhase Integrated Assurance Apps. Looking at the interplay between planning, performance, projects risk and how to integrate these areas to drive better overall performance and assurance.

Why incident reporting hasn’t been good enough and how to change it.

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This whitepaper explains why existing incident reporting systems have not helped NHS Trusts to reduce the number of patient safety-related events, why Trusts would be better served by replacing their outdated, counterintuitive incident reporting tools with more comprehensive and versatile integrated incident management systems, and how such systems can help capture reported incidents and triangulate information to provide an early warning of potential patient harm and as a means to support core continuous improvement in quality and safety.

Driving Assurance & Outcomes with Robust Quality Oversight

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This whitepaper explains how the right platform can help NHS Trusts be assured that they are operating safely and in line with regulatory requirements, while also working to deliver the highest levels of care through the best means and drive easier, more efficient and more effective quality assurance and outcomes thanks to the robust oversight that it offers.

Triangulating Your Audits, SOPs and Compliance

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This whitepaper explains how the right platform can help you achieve real-time, triangulated oversight that effortlessly combines national and local audit results, including Infection Control audits, with Standard Operating Procedure compliance, NICE Guidance and CQC self-assessments and evidence.

How to Step Change your Board Assurance Framework

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This whitepaper explains how the right board assurance framework can help drive better performance, it also shows how the right BAF software can deliver rock-solid confidence that identified risk is being controlled effectively.

Other Great Whitepapers

5 Business Improvement Analytics Trends 2020

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Here are the top 5 business improvement analytics trends for 2020. With a new year comes another set of trends that we think will be extremely important throughout the year. Use our guide as a reference when choosing your next performance and work management platform.

Beyond Beautiful Dashboards

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Learn How InPhase moves you beyond beautiful dashboards and actionable insight to actions, and improvements

Why integrated Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence reduces costs, helps clear thinking, supports decisions and delivers improved results.

Top 10 Trends of 2018

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Download the Top Trends 2018 Whitepaper

We put together the top 10 trends in 2018 for Performance Management and Business Intelligence. With our 25 years experience of developing Performance Management and Business Intelligence software, InPhase needs to be ahead of the curve to ensure our customers and user have the latest and most intelligent tools.

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