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Steamlined site-wide patient safety

It’s difficult to balance important administrative tasks with maintaining excellent standards of care quality, outcomes, patient experience and patient safety. That’s why InPhase Incident Reporting App is designed from the ground up to help frontline teams report Incidents as quickly, effectively and efficiently as possible so that they can spend more time caring for patients.

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Save Time

Ditch the outdated, fiddly Incident reporting tools on a desktop that are slow and counterintuitive to use. Give your teams a lightning-fast platform on any device that makes admin as painless as possible while ensuring that important patient safety incidents don’t get missed.

Save Effort

InPhase turns your Incident reporting system from a clunky, clumsy admin ordeal into a powerful solution that effortlessly integrates with your outcomes, risks, projects, controls, assurance, and actions, and presents all the data clearly and visually – and connects easily with other suite apps, and third-party applications. InPhase Incidents delivers right out of the box.

Save Money

A world-class Incident reporting system shouldn’t cost the earth – either to implement or to upgrade. That’s why InPhase offers you a powerful yet cost-effective platform to help your teams minimise patient safety incidents, drive improvements in safety and quality and deliver the best patient care they can.

"...the easy of use and concepts of the additional questions appearing when needed is much better, and will mean incidents are filled out correctly. "
Sulis Healthcare

Key Features

Managing audits in healthcare

Capture and Investigate

Capture incidents, adverse events and near misses securely, see the status of reported incidents and manage investigation, input, feedback and approval.


Use clear and versatile dashboards to create engaging insight reports to visualise Incident counts and easily analyse trends for incidents.
Healthcare NICE guidance


Easily capture key lessons and share them with all staff, then support training scoping reports or develop skills and capabilities suggestions for each team member.
Managing actions in healthcare


Enjoy full, built-in support for the continuous Plan-Do-Study-Act improvement cycle, including integrated action management, assurance and collaboration.
Managing policies in healthcare

Fully Linked

Effective links with your outcomes, risks, controls, compliance assurance, projects and actions
Improving quality in healthcare

Any Device

Work with complete freedom from any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
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CQC LFPSE Compliance

Direct integration with the NHS LFPSE system will allow you to submit incidents and also receive data about patient safety events.
NHSi well led automation

Intuitive User Interface

It’s so easy to use, you and your teams won’t need any extra training – just plug it in and get started!


  • A new LFPSE (learning from patient safety events) system to consider when you want to upgrade your old system
  • Save time currently spent on admin by your teams and free them up for other activities
  • Make your Incident reporting, reviewing, approving, investigating and feedback learning, actions and change assurance quicker, easier and more engaging
  • Effortlessly integrate systems across incident, risk and quality to deliver superior oversight and improved patient safety and clinical outcomes

What happens next?

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InPhase’s Incident and Complaints App gives you a single, easy place to manage Incidents across the Trust. Book in your demo today and see how InPhase can help you streamline the process to save time and drive maximum patient safety system improvements with minimum fuss!

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