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Improve patient safety and care quality

Patient safety incidents and adverse events are a breakdown in the delivery of the care quality that you strive to deliver. The planning, risk controls, audits and assurance processes in place failed to prevent the incident. Capturing incidents and learning from them is both a statutory requirement, and provides an opportunity to use the information in your continuous quality improvement cycle.

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NHSE NHSI and CQC LFPSE automation
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Analysis & Lessons Learned action management
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Full Oversight Integration

Datasheet Download

A free Incident App PDF datasheet for you to take away.

Save Time

Ditch the slow outdated, fiddly Incident reporting tools on a desktop. Give your teams a lightning-fast platform on any device. Make admin painless. Ensure important patient safety incidents don’t get backlogged or overlooked.

Improve Quality

InPhase turns Incident reporting from being a clunky, clumsy admin ordeal into a powerful solution that effortlessly integrates with your outcomes, risks, projects, controls, audits, assurance, and actions. Drive continuous improvement cycles faster. Triangulate data clearly and visually, from other InPhase Apps and other vendor systems such as Datix, Perfect Ward, Health Assure, Oracle, SAP, RESTful API, SQL Server and in-house Access and even Excel systems.

Control Costs

Cloud computing, modern development platform and procurement framework pricing, lets you refresh and transform your digital system more cost effectively. Implement InPhase modular Oversight Apps to strengthen a specific weakness, or build up a fully integrated Continuous Quality Improvement suite. InPhase offers you a powerful yet cost-effective platform to minimise patient safety incidents, drive improvements in all aspects of quality and deliver the best patient care.

  • "...the ease of use and concepts of the additional questions appearing when needed is much better, and will mean incidents are filled out correctly. "

    Sulis Healthcare
  • “The data migration from Datix was quick, and it identified some coding mistakes we hadn’t realised we had.”
    Head of Quality

    Key Features

    Managing audits in healthcare

    Capture and Investigate

    Capture incidents, adverse events and near misses securely, see the status of reported incidents and manage investigation, input, feedback and approval swiftly and assuredly.

    Present and Analyse

    Use clear and versatile dashboards to rapidly communicate the up-to-date situation in real-time, visualise Incident and impacts, analyse rapidly with built-in and ad-hoc analysis. Integrate with Ward and specialty dashboards and BAF reports automatically.
    Healthcare NICE guidance


    Easily capture key lessons, assess policy and procedure impacts, implement change and evaluate the effectiveness.
    Managing actions in healthcare


    Enjoy full, built-in support for the continuous Plan-Do-Study-Act improvement cycle, including integrated action management, assurance and collaboration.
    Managing policies in healthcare

    Fully Linked

    Effective links with your outcomes, risks, controls, audits, compliance assurance, projects and actions.
    Improving quality in healthcare

    Any Device

    Work with complete freedom from any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
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    Easily Customisable

    Effortlessly tailor the app to your specific needs at any time.
    NHSi well led automation

    Intuitive User Interface

    It’s so easy to use, you and your teams won’t need lengthy training – just plug it in and get started!


    • A new LFPSE (learning from patient safety events) incident system to upgrade your old system
    • Save time currently spent on admin by your teams and free them up for other activities
    • Make your Incident reporting, reviewing, approving, investigating and feedback learning, actions and change assurance quicker, easier and more engaging
    • Improve your analysis to deliver better insight and foresight
    • Effortlessly integrate information across incident, risk and quality to deliver superior oversight assurance and improve patient safety and clinical outcomes

    What happens next?

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    InPhase’s Incident Oversight app gives you a single, easy place to manage Incident reporting across the Trust. Book in your demo today and see how InPhase can help you streamline the process to save time and drive maximum patient safety and continuous care quality improvements with minimum fuss!

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