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Effectively investigate and learn from patient safety incidents.

The Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) app is your comprehensive solution to managing PSIRF investigations. From real-time oversight and triangulated investigations to attaching evidence and aligned action management, the PSIRF app streamlines the PSIRF investigation process. With clear visual dashboards, real-time updates, and SEIPS guidance, the PSIRF app ensures a resilient and adaptive approach to patient safety, learning and improvement. Elevate investigation capabilities, foster collaboration, and uphold the highest standards of healthcare with PSIRF at your fingertips.

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Datasheet Download

A free PSIRF App PDF datasheet for you to take away.

Real-time reporting for comprehensive oversight.

With at-a-glance dashboards that showcase all pertinent data, users can easily see the status and progress of all investigations, findings, and improvement plans. See the investigation's progress against the deadline, the percentage of completion, the investigators, and the number of involved and outstanding tasks in real time, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

InPhase PSIRF Reporting Dashboard with pie chart ad line graphs

Triangulation enhances PSIRF investigations.

A single system that manages all investigations from start to finish in one place and easily access relevant data by integrating seamlessly with over 30 other apps, including LFPSE incidents, complaints, claims, CQC self-assessments, NICE, CAS, policy, audit and actions. Connect new LFPSE incidents to an ongoing PSIRF investigation, which can immediately appear on your dashboard.

InPhasse PSIRF Dashboard

Effortlessly evidence investigations for more detail.

Add evidence in the form of documents, additional free-text narrative and commentary to build out the most comprehensive picture of the investigation. As you drill down into each section of data, users can see extra evidence, narrative or commentary added by others, add their own or create a conversation that provides useful context to what they are looking at.

InPhase questionnaire form attachements editor

Aligned, accountable actions.

Quickly create actions that link to specific incidents, investigations, feedback and claims and clearly see what the action is in response to, as well as what it impacts. Get a detailed look at all and investigation actions happening, including the progress, due date and owner. Add commentary to actions to build a more comprehensive narrative around the investigation.

InPhase PSIRF Gantt Chart

Key Features


Real-time Oversight

Track investigation progress, deadlines, completion percentages, and task status in real-time, preventing oversights and enabling timely responses.
Managing policies in healthcare

Triangulated Investigations

Unify investigations effortlessly by integrating with over 30 other apps. Enhance the improvement and learning potential of your PSIRF investigations with a holistic view.
NHSi well led automation

Attach Evidence

Attach documents, free-text narratives, and commentary to provide a comprehensive understanding fostering a detailed and context-rich perspective on each section of the investigation.
Managing audits in healthcare

Aligned Action Management

Streamline actions linked directly to specific incidents, investigations, feedback, and claims. Monitor progress, due dates, and ownership with a detailed overview of all ongoing investigation actions.
NHSi well led automation

Visualise Data

Data is presented in clear, easy-to-understand dashboards that help users visualise data for better identification of themes for learning and improvement.
Healthcare NICE guidance

Learn and Improve

Rapidly identify areas for improvement and quickly disseminate lessons learned across the organisation to prevent further incidents.

Compliant with NHSE

Built in collaboration with NHS England, stay compliant with regulations and ensure that all correct steps and processes are being followed.

SEIPS Support

Built-in SEIPS framework tools to support the communication of improvement impacts to ensure all SEIPS-related areas are covered for a consistent review approach to PSIRF improvement plans.


  • One place to manage PSIRF investigations for comprehensive oversight of every piece of data connected to a specific investigation.
  • Triangulate investigations with incidents, complaints, claims, policies and quality data to create aligned improvement plans and key actions.
  • Connect new incidents, complaints, claims and more through live connects to a specific investigation at the data capture stage to provide more detail.
  • Real-time triangulated reporting for complete and comprehensive oversight of investigations, including the progress, who’s responsible and ID numbers.
  • We work closely with NHS England for the latest updates and amendments to guarantee compliance with local and national regulations.

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