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Action Planner App

Action Assurance Like a Guru

A user friendly, easy App to give you complete visibility of who is doing what, by when, and automatically catch up what’s being missed.
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Succession Planning
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Decision Impacts
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Users love it

Simple to use, with easy email and SMS notifications, users can see what matters to them.

Governance love it

Assure the critical jobs to be done for compliance are seamlessly integrated into business.

Crisis Managers love it

Automatic succession planning means you can auto rollover critical actions from one person.

SMT love it

Assures that you are dramatically more likely to achieve your goals. Aligns resources.

Transformation Managers love it

Enables the rapid redirection of resources from one set of priorities to another.

Risk Managers Love it

Quickly and easily see how successful the actions to mitigate risks are performing.
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"Action Planner App is a rapid deployment sure fire way to ensure everyone knows what they need to do, when. "
Andrew Bingham, VP Health & Customer Success - InPhase

Key Features

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Check the quality, stage and priority of actions to get an all round view.
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Escalate, park, succession. Route actions where they need to go quickly.
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Auto routing

Automatic routing of the right information on actions to the right person, straight to their personal portal.
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Unexpectedly not going to be there to do the action - a quick check it routes actions to others.


  • Save money and stop doing what's not having an impact
  • Make every action count and align it to priorities, compliance or risk mitigation
  • Easily spot problems
  • Track performance of the actions over time and see which actions need to be changed first
  • Increase everyone's focus on the implementation of high priority tasks and actions
  • Don't miss deadlines, and escalate if required

What happens next?

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