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Wirral Community NHS Trust

Located in Wirral in North West England, providing high-quality primary, community and social care services to the population of Wirral and Cheshire East. Playing a key role in the local health and social care economy as a high-performing organisation with an excellent clinical reputation.

We interviewed Paula Simpson, Director of Nursing & Quality Improvement at Wirral Community NHS Trust to take us through why they chose InPhase and the cultural change it has made to the organisation, the big benefits and wins they've already seen and the impact the system has made on their external partners.

Paula Simpson - Director of Nursing & Quality Improvement

InPhase Usage Results:

"We found in quarter one this year, that 95% of our eligible staff went onto the system and completed that hand hygiene audit, which is just a fantastic achievement."

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What were your biggest pains and inefficiencies that led you to procuring InPhase?

So, before we started using the product, our clinical governance system was quite inefficient. We had all the component parts in place, all the various elements of the system were there, but we didn’t have a single place, or repository to capture all that evidence, so we were quite inefficient.

At a time when digital was becoming much more centre stage on the agenda, we felt it was a good opportunity to look for a product that was going to help us become more efficient.

How much were these inefficiencies costing?

As a core corporate service, its only quite a small service, and it was taking a lot of man hours to gather the evidence for our clinical audits and our hand hygiene audits. A lot of that was an awful lot of time for us to really assure ourselves and give our trust board the right level of assurance that we were meeting all of our regulatory and compliance requirements.

What are the big benefits that you've seen as a result of using InPhase?

If I’m to pick out three critical impacts that InPhase have brought to us as an organisation, firstly, I’d say a single repository for all of our evidence and that provides a really high level of assurance to our trust board, our commissioners and our regulators. To have everything in the one system is just fantastic.

The other feature of the system that I think adds a lot of value is our “at a glance” dashboards. So I can go into the system and see on any given day where we are up to against the priorities that I’ve set the services and of course that the regulations themselves set services as a priority.

The third thing I’d say, the way that we’re using the system, and the way that the system is built, having the opportunity to see again at a glance, what our CQC regulatory compliance is, both at an organisation level, a service level and in some instances a team level. It just makes our analysis and our risk management’s ability much easier to manage. So we can go on and see “at a glance” where our early warning signs are starting to show, where we need to prioritise our quality improvement activity.

How has the culture of the organisation changed how you digitised the process?

There’s been a really positive impact on the trust as a result of InPhase, and I have to say that was quite unexpected, it wasn’t something that we hadn’t particularly expected to happen quite so quickly. That’s due to two things, the system which absolutely is the key enabler, but also, for other people that are considering this system developing and bringing in the right leadership around the implementation is absolutely key.

So, what we found is, that the implementation of the system has almost shifted organically the leadership culture within the organisation, so it’s become much more distributed, where team leaders and service leads own this data, they own their own data in a way that the never did before, because it’s so visible to them.

They are observing their data on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and that means that change is happening much quicker, in a much timelier manner, which I think is just fantastic. Everyone across the organisation, is really keen to see their progress in a particular clinical or corporate area, because our corporate services do use InPhase as well, and it’s introduced a little bit of gentle competition, which has been really really good as well.

So, an example of where the access to the system and the use by our staff has really shown a significant improvement, is hand hygiene. So hand hygiene is a core standard for IPC and this year more than ever during the COVID pandemic its been the single most effective, protective, measure for anyone whether you’re working in the general health and care service or the general population. We found in quarter one this year, that 95% of our eligible staff went onto the system and completed that hand hygiene audit, which is just a fantastic achievement, I think. Made possible by the easy access of the system. Then of that 95% our compliance rates were significantly high, so again, that level of assurance, particularly at this time is fantastic.

Has the InPhase system had an impact outside of your organisation?

We’ve shared the InPhase system with our local partners because we’ve been really impressed wit how it’s been able to consolidate our governance system within our organisation. As a result of that, and as part of the COVID emergency response, there was a real interest in how we might be able to use this system to support improvements in quality of care and in particular, improvements in implementing consistently, high quality IPC standards in our care home sector.

So our local authority have procured a module in the InPhase system as well, to do exactly that, and we are currently working with our care home managers in a very collaborative way thought our community infection prevention and control team to set standards for them so they are really clear about what they should be doing and they have the ability and opportunity to track their compliance within their own care home, but across the care home sector across Wirral.

So I think that’s a really good success story as well, that the system is being used to support our system response to the pandemic.

Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

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Find out how Wirral Community Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust transformed their quality and performance measures and nurtured a positive cultural change, thanks to InPhase.

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