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Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust - Mortality Reviews

Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was formed in April 2020 after the merger of Bedfordshire and Luton & Dunstable. After using Datix systems for 20 years and developing it for the Medical Examiner service for two years, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust had only five weeks to build and implement a new system to handle mortality data in the way they needed.

Find out how Bedfordshire incorporated, linked and streamlined the different elements of mortality reviews, expanded and improved learning and enhanced reporting after migrating from Datix in under six weeks.

Dr Robin White - Lead Medical Examiner, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

What the customer says:

"The clever thing with InPhase is that they built in the structured judgment form behind this so that it's completed as part of the same document... gives us much more visibility of the data that we need to manage the governance process."

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Case Study

After developing Datix for over 2.5 years, Bedfordshire Hospitals needed to be able to expand the functionality to continue the work they were already doing. It needed to be able to handle two very different datasets simultaneously, those being hospital deaths and community deaths and search and reporting capabilities. The hospital also aimed to improve incident response times, data accuracy, and overall efficiency in managing mortality cases.

Bedfordshire Hospitals sat down with the team at InPhase to discuss what they needed. An initial process map was drawn up for the workflow that they needed. A notable requirement was that InPhase could include a Structured Judgement Review and be able to handle the two to six hour long forensic dissection it requires. Bedfordshire expressed concerns about whether the project to implement a new mortality tool could be completed and included in the 5-week timeframe. It was completed in two and a half.

Paul was good enough to take our problems and deal with them there and then. I remember one afternoon sitting in the office, with a particular problem, I emailed Paul and showed him my screen. He said, 'We can do that now!?' That sort of responsiveness will not have from any other vendor and was refreshing."

Dr Robin White, Lead Medical Examiner, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

With InPhase, Bedfordshire Hospitals benefit from the agile and comprehensive data capture, which allow Medical Examiners (MEs) to collect all relevant patient data within the short amount of time they have with patient notes after death, quickly and easily due to the high responsiveness of the form that handles high amounts of data collection smoothly.

"The clever thing with InPhase is that they built in the structured judgment form behind this so that it's completed as part of the same document... gives us much more visibility of the data that we need to manage the governance process."

With InPhase, Bedfordshire can ensure that nothing is missed before submission with the help of required fields that can be modified by the user at any time if specific data proves crucial to learning in the future enhancing data capture and the quality of their data. Through the help of required fields, administrators can make certain questions required ones to ensure that all necessary data is collected before the mortality review is completed to save the reviewer any unnecessary chasing for additional data or documentation.

In addition, conditional questions within the Smart Form trigger additional stages as needed and push the review through the custom-built workflow making the mortality review process much more streamlined leading to better oversight and much more efficient and reliable data access. For example, if an SJR is needed, a simple click expands the required form from behind the initial ME Review form. Users can complete the SJR and service lines get the feedback they require for learning straight away after the ME review is submitted, instead of waiting for one to be completed later. This SJR is automatically linked to the ME review it refers to and remains that way, so end reviewers have all the necessary documents at the end stage. Built in progress notes also allow the user to track the review and stay up to date with updates.

"We have linkage now which allows us to link mortalities to complaints and litigation... It means that the complaints team have an independent review immediately available to them."

The implementation of the Mortality app resulted in substantial benefits for Bedfordshire Hospitals. The hospital experienced increased efficiency, improved data accuracy, enhanced collaboration among departments, and positive feedback from staff. Individual service lines can be responsible for their own data and create their own action plans for improvement. Comparative analysis showcased the Mortality app's superiority over the previous system, highlighting its positive impact on the hospital's operations.

"We can search our data and pull those reports with us now, which is a significant benefit for those who have to provide those reports”

Looking ahead, Bedfordshire Hospitals plans to continue learning and adapting to evolving needs. They aim to integrate the Mortality app with additional hospital systems, ensuring comprehensive data management. Adapting to future regulations and collaborating closely with the Mortality app team are pivotal aspects of their future initiatives. Bedfordshire Hospitals envisions sustained progress and ongoing collaboration to further optimise their mortality data management processes.

Bedfordshire Hospitals' transformation with the Mortality app stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in healthcare. Through their journey, the hospital successfully addressed challenges, enhanced efficiency, and achieved positive outcomes. The Mortality app's seamless integration, user-friendly interface, and robust features have significantly contributed to Bedfordshire Hospitals' mission of providing high-quality patient care while ensuring accurate and transparent mortality data management.

Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Find out what prompted Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust to choose Oversight from InPhase for their mortality review process, development of the system and migration lookedlike and what the team at Bedfordshire had to say about their experience.

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