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Ceredigion County Council - Management

Ceredigion County Council is the governing body for the county of Ceredigion, since 1996 one of the unitary authorities of Wales.

We interviewed Caroline Jones, Corporate Performance & Improvement Manager at Ceredigion County Council to taking us through why they chose InPhase and the difference it has made to the borough in terms of data, collation and cleansing of data.

Caroline Jones - Corporate Performance & Improvement Manager
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InPhase Usage Results:

"...we have already started to see savings in the back ground, so that people are not having to do the collation, the system is doing it for us.."

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What do you use InPhase for?

We use InPhase for business management, our business plans have been put onto the system already, we have also put our corporate risk register on, and we are looking to implement a one stop shop, so that we can have everything in one place.

What was it like before InPhase?

Before InPhase totally chaotic, we relied on word documents to do our quarterly reporting, we relied on excel spreadsheets to collate and gather our information, we lived in a world before technology.

What are the biggest benefits to come out of your implementation?

Because of the background work we have been doing, in creating the connections and the data connections, we have already started to see savings in the background, so that people are not having to do the collation, the system is doing it for us, but from the front end, that is not available, but that is going to be on its way. So that is one of our first benefits.

The other benefit is the systems in the background, tidying up and housekeeping in other systems, and making sure its delivering the information that we want, and that we have accurate and up to date information, so that’s a big benefit, and we have seen that already it’s started to happen, so as we move into the future we are anticipating really big benefits.