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Ceredigion County Council is the governing body for the county of Ceredigion, since 1996 one of the unitary authorities of Wales.

We interviewed Ian Hughes, Database Officer, Ceredigion County Council who talks about how his implementation is going at the moment and what they are currently using InPhase for.

Ian Hughes - Database Officer
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"..Data connectivity has been excellent, so many sources we can grab data from.."

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How has Ceredigion County Council found its InPhase implementation?

It’s been about eighteen months since we implemented InPhase, its been challenging trying to get all the departments to help us, but it’s worked out now and we are making good progress in different areas of the business.

What are you currently using InPhase for? What else do you plan to use it for in the future?

Data connectivity has been excellent, so many sources we can grab data from, all we have to do is shape it prior to coming into InPhase, then it comes straight in, we use Excel, CSV lots of different sources.

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