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Sulis Hospital

Previously a part of Circle Hospitals Bath, Sulis Hospital was acquired by Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust in 2021. Sulis Hospital is an award-winning hospital that offers a world-class patient experience in a calm and efficient environment.

Sulis Hospital received an “Outstanding” Care rating from the Care Quality Commission in 2017 and a “Good” overall. With quality and safety at the heart of their operation, find out how Sulis Hospital is utilising Oversight from InPhase to maintain and continuously improve their high quality of patient care and experience.

"..our quality assessments that circle have been doing for many years needed to continue and be responsive.. we needed to work with an organisation that could do that and work at the same speed as us, which was InPhase."

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Case Study

When Sulis Hospital changed ownership, it needed to implement its own systems for quality management and incident reporting. In conversation with Chris North, the Quality and Assurance Lead at Sulis, we wanted to know what led them to choose InPhase in that decision-making process.

“It was a choice between multiple new contracts or something that is integrated.”

InPhase Oversight had previously been used for quality assurance whilst within the Circle Health Group so the product reputation and reliability were known to Sulis.

Chris explained further:

“Oversight offered modules for most of the areas where we needed a product."

“It seemed a good choice to go with just one provider really rather than having, say, Datix for incidents, something else for CQC assurance and various other ones for other things. It appealed to us to have it all in one place. That’s a real positive.”

The unrivalled triangulation ability of InPhase was a key point for Sulis Hospital. The Oversight Suite consists of over 20 fully integrated apps that interconnect to form a single system, eliminating the need to manually pull data from multiple sources and saving staff vast amounts of time.

“For instance”, Chris detailed, “linking through our incident categories to our monthly KPIs and metrics for example, if we log a fall and categorise it as a fall, we can have that auto-populate our metrics. The links between things like metrics, incidents and risks are going to be key areas where we can get information auto-populated and certainly save team time.”

As well as the triangulation capabilities, we asked Chris what other benefits Sulis is seeing from InPhase.

“The web access is really helpful. The fact you can use it on a mobile phone. On my way to work in the morning I can have a look and see what incidents have been reported that I might need to look at when I get in. The web access has been really good.

“I think if you’re doing any kind of quality inspections that comes into its own, because staff can walk around with mobile devices and enter information live. Staff don’t have to record on paper and clipboard and come back to a computer and type it up.”

Oversight is fully responsive and supports all browser devices, with uninhibited access for staff at all levels on mobile, tablet and desktop.

With InPhase, everything is in real-time, so users have access to complete up-to-date information every time they log in, meaning staff have a jump-start on any tasks that require immediate action. Users can carry out those tasks with the support of easy-to-use, lightning-fast, responsive apps that they can access anywhere to save scarce and valuable resources.

With the move to Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) from the National Learning and Reporting System (NRLS) for incident reporting being compulsory for Trusts and healthcare providers by 31st March 2023, there is a concern surrounding what will happen to previously reported data. However, InPhase supports the complete migration of data from previous systems for a seamless transition to LFPSE.

Sulis chose to import over 7,000 records of historic incident data from Datix to the new Incident Oversight system.

Chris explains

“The reason we imported our historic records was for oversight purposes. When dealing with complaints, incidents and claims, which we previously held on Datix, you don’t know what might be relevant in the future. Two or three years down the line, someone may launch a letter of complaint or claim. You may have to go back and investigate. You don’t want to be going through CSV files to find this information. Likewise, if patients come back, you want to be able to link incidents and complaints. So, it seemed to provide us with the best assurance to have that data in the system.”

Oversight from InPhase will support Sulis Hospital to maintain its “outstanding” level Caring rating and help support Sulis drive for continuous improvement is all aspects of patient care and experience.

Oversight is a user friendly solution for quality and performance management, audit and incident reporting with easy-to-use features in a comprehensive robust and reliable system.

InPhase would like to thank Sulis Hospital for choosing InPhase as their system for governance assurance and oversight and to Chris North for taking the time to talk to us.

Schedule time with one of our experts today for more information about Oversight and how it can support your Trust in its commitment to continuous improvement in patient safety and care.

Sulis Hospitals Bath

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Find out how Sulis Hospital is utilising Oversight from InPhase to maintain and continuously improve their high quality of patient care and experience.

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