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Healthcare Quality Improvement

Strengthening your ability to provide outstanding care across communities.

Bring staff together with a clear vision to improve standards, communication and staff morale. The inclusive healthcare portal promotes openness, giving teams the confidence and assurance needed to provide high quality care for NHS Trusts, Primary Care, Care Homes, Emergency Services and Private Healthcare
  • Ensures maximum compliance
  • Dramatically reduces processes and duplication
  • Creates one version of the truth for unified decisions
  • Facilitates the right action being taken at the right time.
  • Automate & embed quality, service improvement and redesign
  • Automate transformational change through System Leadership

Trusted by health organisations who value quality improvement

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Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

"We found in quarter one this year, that 95% of our eligible staff went onto the system and completed that hand hygiene audit, which is just a fantastic achievement. Made possible by the easy access of the system. Then of that 95%, our compliance rates were significantly high, so again, that level of assurance, particularly at this time is fantastic."
A Photo of emma carvell from Wirral community nhs trust

Paula Simpson

Director of Nursing & Quality Improvement - Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Designed with your unique needs in mind. We've got you covered.

We offer many out of the box solutions, designed with your unique needs in mind, driving better patient outcomes for NHS Trusts, Primary Care, Emergency Services, Care Homes and Private Healthcare. Our main CQC & Oversight app covers these areas.
  • CQC
  • NICE
  • CAS
  • Audits / Clinical Audits
  • Incident Management (+LFPSE)
  • Compliments, Complaints & PALS
  • Ward Dashboards
  • Mortalities
  • Safeguarding
  • Claims / Legal
  • Medicines management
  • Team leader checklist
  • Hand hygiene inspection
  • NHS-I well-led self-assessment
  • Peer review
  • Benchmarking
  • Care act and social work standards.
  • Self-assessment toolkit
  • NHS Community Services Standard Operating Procedure
  • PPE Stock Management and Ordering
  • Freedom of Information
  • Freedom to Speak Up

Out-the-box healthcare solutions

A full range of Health Apps, ready to go.

Available individually or pick-and-mix integrating them into your single, unified, seamless solution.

Healthcare Governance, compliance and assurance

Integrated, streamlined & rationalised.

NICE guidance published that requires an Audit to be conducted? Has that audit resulted in service improvement actions? Is one of those actions to update a policy? Is that policy used as evidence to provide assurance to the CQC you are compliant with the Key Lines of Enquiry? Our off the shelf fully integrated model means you capture once, and streamline to reduce effort, duplication and make impacts easier to understand.

Our streamlined, efficient alignment means you can manage each individual management approach (including update, review and action) but most importantly see why you are doing it, and what else it impacts. This complete connected view reduces duplication of activity and ensures compliance and assurance at each stage.

InPhase Oversight Healthcare Nice guidelines dashboard with overall compliance charts and a table of compliance

Automate healthcare assurance

Self-assess the smart way.

Leverage self-assessments to help you achieve and maintain the highest level of quality AND encourage use and buy-in.

Start with the self-assessment adding your professional judgments. Use integrated performance data and add items of evidence to make or support your judgements. Where you have identified areas of non-compliance or improvement, create an action plan of what you need to do to achieve compliance. Have your self-assessment peer reviewed to ensure an organisational standard of quality. Start your action plan! As you tick of actions update and improve your judgments. Once you have achieved compliance or a high level of performance, monitor and maintain so you know you are always inspection ready.

  • InPhase oversight main dashboard with overall CQC ratings and high level summaries
  • InPhase oversight main dashboard with NICE guidelines summary and clinical audit summaries
  • InPhase oversight main dashboard with key actions against CQC and NICE guidelines

Aligned healthcare assurance

No matter the angle or level, the information is there for you, your way.

Want CQC compliance data at a directorate level? Then grouped as a core Service? Need a compliance dashboard for the Governance Committee focused only on inpatient areas? Need to roll it up organisation wide? No problem! Quality Management has never been easier

We’ll automatically aggregate any performance metric so you can interrogate from shift/ ward to Board on one page.

ANY number of reporting structures, one version of the truth rolled up how you need it – and it’s all drag and drop. No code in sight.

InPhase oversight healthcare project planning and performance dashboard

Best practice healthcare assurance

We built it for you. Yes you.

Whether you are an Executive Director, a Divisional Manager, a Service Lead, a Matron, a Registered Nurse, a Pharmacist or the Canteen Cook, each section, each page, each button has been designed with you in mind. Simple and clear visualisations, clean legible tables, intuitive interactions and navigation InPhase Oversight is easy to learn, quick to deploy and most importantly for us...a joy to use for any NHS Trust, Primary Care Service, Emergency Service or Private Healthcare Provider.

An example InPhase Oversight healthcare dashboard with clear visualisations

Out-of-the-box healthcare assurance

Don't worry, it's already built. You just need to deploy.

Our expertise and aligned model built into Oversight by our dedicated health team, help you from day one. Benefits in under a week. Full implementation in under a month.
A box graphic with a rocket and the inphase logo on it

Fancy a sneaky look?

"InPhase does everything it says on the tin. By providing a single solution we are able to report a single version of the truth to all levels of management creating efficiencies and developing a performance culture throughout the whole organisation."

Key Benefits

Collect Once

Providing evidence, commentary, data input, as self assessment. Collect it once, then link and align it to each framework reducing workload for everyone from Consultant, the Board and to Governance lead.

Little Nudges

Abolish the chasing and complaining! An easy automatically generated reminder tool to nudge users when they need to contribute


Get everyone vested in success and make sure their input is seen as valuable, beneficial and clearly useful to quality improvement.

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