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InPhase is Exhibiting at the Patient Safety Congress, 2023!

Joined by King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to discuss innovative learning from patient safety incidents.
| Robert Hobbs | Healthcare

Are you passionate about healthcare and patient safety? Then mark your calendars for the 18th-19th of September 2023, as the annual Patient Safety Congress, hosted by the esteemed Health Service Journal (HSJ), is just around the corner! We're thrilled to announce we'll be right there, soaking in the knowledge and sharing much of our own.

A Confluence of Healthcare Leaders and Innovators

The 16th Patient Safety Congress and Awards is not just an event; it's a gathering of minds determined to elevate patient safety standards. With over 1000 healthcare leaders, clinicians, patient representatives, and industry experts under one roof, this year's congress is about embracing "facing reality – honest conversations about safety" in healthcare.

Triangulation: A Key to Innovative Thinking and Learning

At the congress, we're excited to shed light on the power of innovative triangulation in enhancing thinking and learning surrounding patient safety. But what exactly is triangulation in the context of patient safety?

It's about pulling data from multiple sources, like LFPSE incidents, risk assessments, complaints, claims, audits, CQC quality reports, NICE guidelines, and policies, to create a comprehensive and holistic view of patient safety events.

This approach isn't just about gathering data; it's about gleaning actionable insights from integrating multiple information streams.

A Glimpse into Innovative Patient Safety

We're thrilled to present alongside King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This session will delve into the exciting realm of innovative patient safety. You'll discover how triangulating patient safety data across various sources lays the foundation for effective incident learning and improvement.

The event showcases the pioneering patient safety system that King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is developing with InPhase, which centres around continuous learning and enhancement.

In this enlightening session, you’ll hear about the system's essential features from Steve Walters, Head of Governance and Risk, at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Additionally, Andrew Bingham from InPhase will discuss how to facilitate inter-departmental connections, driving the evolution of patient safety, including PSIRF.

Engage with Experts: Your Opportunity to Dive Deeper

As advocates of innovation and progress in patient safety, we're not just stopping at presentations. We're thrilled to announce that the InPhase experts will be present at Stand 22 in the exhibition hall throughout the congress. This is your chance to engage directly with our experts and explore the intricate workings of our flagship offerings – LFPSE, Incident Oversight, and the complete Oversight suite of triangulated assurance Apps.

Don't let valuable knowledge slip through the cracks. Schedule your time to meet our experts at Stand 22 to ensure you get the most out of your congress experience. Engage, inquire, and equip yourself with insights that can reshape the patient safety landscape.

As the countdown begins, we can't contain our excitement. The 16th Patient Safety Congress and Awards promises to be a hub of enlightenment, collaboration, and innovation. Join us in embracing the power of triangulation and revolutionising patient safety as we know it. Together, let's elevate healthcare and pave the way for safer, more secure patient experiences.

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