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King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

King’s College Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust is one of the UK’s largest NHS Foundation Trusts, treating an astonishing 1.5 million people per year across 5 sites in the Southeast of London and Kent. As one of the biggest and busiest Trusts in the country, they need a system in place that can keep up with the fast-paced nature of their day-to-day.

Find out why InPhase’s suite of over 20 integrated apps for triangulated learning and assurance has made a significant impact with the prestigious Trust and what they’re hoping to achieve with InPhase going forward.

Steve Walters - Head of Risk and Quality Governance

What the customer says:

“It’s a real partnership and that’s refreshing and it gives us confidence that we will be able to achieve our goals and long may that continue”

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Case Study

Initially, before selecting InPhase, King’s College Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust had already procured and implemented what they were assured was a best practice system, that promised triangulated assurance and integration of modules to support learning and improvement.

Steve Walters, Head of Risk and Quality Governance at King’s College Hospital, explains that...

“Unfortunately, that system, three years down the line, has not delivered on those things, particularly in terms of that functionality of being an integrated quality governance system so we can join together our incidents, our risks and our complaints in a way where we can enhance our learning and improve the quality of care.”

After doing their due diligence and extensive research, the InPhase Suite of over 20 integrated apps stood out against the other systems as the most comprehensive, easy-to-use system that can be configured and customised to meet the specific requirements of King’s College Hospital.

Making learning and improvement as easy as possible is something that’s very important to everyone at InPhase. That’s why organisations, like King’s College Hospital, are able to cherry pick the specific apps they require, such as CQC Quality, NICE, CAS, LFPSE compliant Incidents, Audits, Risk and more to create the system that can best support enhancing their learning and improving the quality of care.

The inclusion of King’s College Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust to the InPhase community further supports what has been suspected for a while: more and more Trusts are favouring robust, reliable triangulated learning and assurance that features seamless integration and the ability to adapt it to a Trust’s specific goals for improvement.

King’s College Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust ...

“want to work with InPhase to make our local risk management system one of the most innovative and powerful in the country, make sure it’s ready for PSIRF and make a real difference to patient care,”

Steve told us. He continues,

“InPhase, even after signing the contract, they’re engaged, they’re responsive, the project plan they’ve put together is extremely comprehensive but is something we can work with and add our own things to.”

With learning and improvement at the forefront of King’s College Hospital’s goals, having a system in place that is customisable and adaptable based on the specific needs of the Trust is crucial. To support King’s in their vision of having a powerful, innovative and integrated risk management system, InPhase is working closely alongside King’s to create something that really matches their vision.

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King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Find out why King's College NHS Foundation Trust chose to switch to Incident Oversight from InPhase to join together their incidents, risks and complaints to enhance learning and improve patient care.

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