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The first new alternative system certified for NHS national incident reporting in years! – Watch on-demand

Incident Oversight from InPhase - Improve patient safety, prevent incidents and reduce staff workload

Better ways to capture, report and analyse incidents, triangulating with audits and CQC self-assessment to improve safety, patient experience and efficiency.

60 mins | Health Services | Incidents & Complaints

We show you a new, better alternative to outdated, no longer fit for purpose, unfit applications for Incidents (and risks, outcomes and good care events). Incident Oversight is one of 20 integrated Apps in the Oversight suite that connects and triangulates information for health care. Incident Oversight was developed for Learning from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) and is now one of the commercial products certified by NHSE for live use. Oversight will help NHS and independent health organisations streamline and improve their incident reporting, information triangulation, and improvement feedback loops.

Find out how Oversight is faster and better for incident capture. See how integrated analysis Apps can help improve patient safety, reduce future incidents while also reducing administrative workload, freeing staff time for better patient care, and helping them finish their shifts without a backlog of overdue admin.

With pressure on finances and resources, we’ll show you how to easily capture incidents and complaints while reducing direct expenditure costs, reducing the staff time costs of dealing with incidents and ultimately reducing NHS Resolution contribution costs.

Incident reporting doesn’t have to be frustrating or cost the earth. If you want to give your team better tools to help them tackle the challenges ahead, make incident reporting and risk management easier with a responsive, mobile-friendly system, produce more insightful analysis and reports more quickly and cost-effectively, and learn more and implement change more quickly than ever, then this concise 60-minute webinar is an essential guide on how to achieve the maximum patient safety system improvement whilst reducing cost and effort.

Designed for

  • Directors of Clinical Governance
  • Directors of Quality
  • Directors of Safety and Risk Management
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Heads of Risk and Incidents

Organisations that should watch

  • Primary Care Providers
  • Care Homes & Social Care Providers
  • Emergency Services
  • Integrated Care Systems
  • Independent Healthcare Companies

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Your host:

Robert Hobbs


InPhase Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been instrumental in turning InPhase into one of the UK's leading providers of management, governance, and assurance solutions, and helping organisations align their actions and goals more easily and efficiently with InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

Get ahead with these 6 key areas covered in this exclusive web conference:

  • See a new LFPSE system to consider when you need to upgrade your old NRLS software
  • How a new generation of better, faster, more cost-effective risk, audit, incident, and assurance apps can help improve patient safety
  • How time currently spent on incident admin by clinical and non-clinical staff can be freed up for other activities
  • How Incident reporting, reviewing, approving, investigating and feedback learning, actions and change assurance can be quicker, easier and more engaging
  • How improved analysis delivers better insight and foresight
  • How integrating systems across incident, audit and CQC quality helps deliver superior oversight and outcomes

What is Incident Oversight?

Incident Oversight from InPhase is a better system for Incidents. Certified by NHS England for LFPSE, it's designed to maximise learn from patient safety events" and drive continuous quality improvement. With super fast, easy-to-use forms that work on any device, its a whole new generation of incident management that your teams will love to use.

Ditch the slow outdated, fiddly Incident reporting tools on a desktop. Give your teams a lightning-fast platform on any device. Make admin painless. Ensure important patient safety incidents don’t get backlogged or overlooked.

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