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Do you know how to prepare for the new world of modern governance and how it will impact you?

1 Hour | Health Services | GRC
Find out how current trends in technology embeds good GRC in a way that brings people along and won't alienate them.

Good GRC is the unification and balancing act between governance and management which can also be viewed as the balance between governance and outturn performance.

Modernisation and embedding this function across a business is key to improving the governance function.

Are you worried about your governance approach and the tools supporting it? Join the InPhase think tank webinar where you’ll learn from leading consultants discussing best practice and technology trends within the industry.

We'll aim to show you:

  • How to understand if you have a governance deficit
  • How governance can respond in real-time
  • How to engage your organisation on your modern governance journey
  • How to balance best practice governance within your corporate culture

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