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One incredible app built in collaboration with fire services, including London Fire. Delivers fully integrated planning, project management and risk alongside reporting of data at any level of granularity. All of this available out of the box and uniquely designed to meet the very specific needs of fire services.
  • All Managers across the service know all their critical issues real time
  • Managers know where to target or re-deploy scare resources
  • Bring plans and goals to life, from Station to Service wide.
  • Automatically check anything that needs to get done, is being delivered, and at the right time

Trusted by more fire services than ANY other solution...

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Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue

"As we introduced InPhase there was a noticeable cultural shift as the whole Service became very focused on facts and information."
a photo of craig newman from buckinghamshire fire and rescue service

Craig Newman

Data Intelligence Team Manager - Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

Fire Service Performance Management

Make every action count. Drive out waste.

We know many fire services expend effort on less important targets due to a lack of clarity and alignment. Let everyone from CFO to Station Managers easily understand what’s critical, when. Connecting performance, planning and risk ensures the journey is totally transparent.

a graphic showing how the actions of different members of the team come together to reach a goal

Fire Service decision support

Be certain. Be assured. Be right.

Real-time comprehensive assurance that you are focusing on the issues that matter. Make auditing and checking performance dramatically easier, with breadth of visibility, one version of the truth and proportionate attention to issues management.

a screenshot of the inphase fire and rescue audit dashboard

Fire Service auto routing of actions

Streamline and nurture.

With discrete action plans from every angle, it's really hard to see all of a team or individual commitments. InPhase routes every responsibility to the individual, watch, station or Manager ensuring personal visibility of workload, scheduling and commitment. People are happier when the definition of success for them is easily understood, streamlined and achievable.
a screenshot of the MyInPhase personal portal

Fire Service improvement

Be empowered.

Spot issues and analyse information yourself. Know about anything in a few simple clicks. Be it incident and home safety visit level, over time, and by location or more holistic information like staff attrition and spend. It's all available real time. Drive savings in report production, increase ownership, and respond faster than ever before. Even collaborate real time to agree decisions - from home if needed!
a screenshot of the inphase fire and rescue analysis dashboard

Key Benefits

Free up scarce resource

Free up scarce resources from answering Freedom Of Information requests with Public Portal. Over 70% reduction in time taken achieved.

Accurate real-time

Real-time data connection and action updates means station ground, department and brigade decision making can happen faster, with better information. Re-prioritise, re-allocate, quicker and with more precision from locality detail guiding impact on performance from the station ground to the department and to the Service.


Enable every officer to focus better. Better achievement of priority outcomes, improved understanding of the journey. Better resilience through understanding what is not an outcome in its own right and what flexibility can still deliver the priority result.

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