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Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Located in Wirral in North West England, providing high-quality primary, community and social care services to the population of Wirral and Cheshire East. Playing a key role in the local health and social care economy as a high-performing organisation with an excellent clinical reputation.

Learn how Wirral initially ensured their services were supported, protected while maintaining their high level of quality during the first outbreak wave and how they are now enabling the restoration of services in a COVID-19 safe and quality compliant manner.

Emma Carvell - Clinical Programme Manager (SAFE)

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"’s a valuable tool thats helping us to identify themes and potentially barriers to restoration."

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Following a CQC inspection, Wirral Community NHS Trust decided to develop a stronger governance framework. They were looking for a digital system that would unite all divisions within the organisation under the same standard of care to support them in providing high-quality patient care across the organisation that would provide robust and reliable assurance at all levels that the standard of care was being maintained.

They saw the CQC inspection...

“as an opportunity to have one system that could act as a repository for all standards relating to regulation quality and assurance […], we procured the tools from InPhase, and we gave it the bespoke name of SAFE, which as you can see stands for "Standards Assurance Framework Excellence".

Wirral went from procurement to implementation in a short 3-month time frame, building their SAFE framework and training 130 members of staff in the process. Emma notes “it's very, very rapid implementation and InPhase were very responsive to that.”

With one system, one login and one version of the truth, staff at Wirral can see, understand and act on the data presented to them instantly. Quality dashboards always allow for complete oversight, with data presented in real-time, immediately after uploading. For insight and analysis, this data can be broken down into staff member, team, ward, service and Trust-wide giving an accurate and up-to-date picture at any time.

“One of the most exciting parts of SAFE and InPhase oversight is the dashboards for reporting. Because what we have, is we have a lot of data going in and our dashboards, provide a very, very visual and user-friendly, colourful way of seeing that data. And what we know is that we can see completion rates across a number of things. So, looking at our next inspections and also compliance, that can be viewed and broken down at a number of organisational levels. So we're getting assurance at a service level, a divisional level, and a trust-wide level and we use our systems for meetings and committees.”

“It’s around that live reporting of data which is so valuable. The minute data goes in, the system is updated live. So, it's fantastic that progress can be very clearly tracked over time.”

With the support of a single integrated system, Wirral can manage the 6,500 lines of inquiry across the organisation with ease. Audit results can be instantly triangulated against CQC self-assessments, NICE guidance, and policy to ensure compliance and a commitment to quality. Additional evidence can be attached to each one, allowing for more robust, reliable assurance throughout.

“We also have the CQC module and that consists of a CQC self-assessment […] that's completed on a quarterly basis by services. And this enables them to upload evidence for the CQC domains and the key lines of inquiry, to show that we're safe, caring, responsive, effective, and well-led. We've implemented a divisional peer review of evidence which provides that additional layer of assurance of the strength of the evidence. So, we've now got evidence over, I think it's six and a half thousand key lines of inquiry across the organisation, which is something that we do celebrate on a regular basis.”

Using a single login and support of the Cloud, Wirral’s staff can log in to their dashboards from anywhere at any time, without the need to connect to a hospital network and see what needs to be completed and when. The responsive user interface runs at high speed across any device, meaning access to data and necessary actions are faster and easier than ever.

Wirral Community NHS Trust will continue to use InPhase to support them in providing excellent quality patient care and complete assurance at all levels. Through the implementation of InPhase, Wirral was able to achieve its goal of having one, single repository for all its data, as well as implement a new governance framework as a standard across the organisation with ease.

In addition, they were able to provide robust and reliable assurance through triangulation against quality, policy, CQC and NICE guidance and inspire their staff to commit to quality with the help of at-a-glance dashboards that can be broken down at any level for complete oversight of performance.

To find out how InPhase can do the same for your Trust, schedule your time with one of our experts today.

Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

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Find out how Wirral Community Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust transformed their quality and performance measures and nurtured a positive cultural change, thanks to InPhase.

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