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Written Customer Story

Fylde Borough Council

Fylde Borough Council serves the residents of Lytham and St. Annes on the coast of Lancashire. Fylde is a relatively affluent area and many of the residents are retired professionals who consistently demand high quality services from their Local Authority.

We look at how we created a single golden thread solution for Fylde Borough Council users to access multiple sources of information and data in one place.

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InPhase Usage Results:

"We are happy with the progress we have been making using InPhase for performance reporting and action planning which is becoming a big success with employees across the council saving us time and money."

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What needed to be delviered?

A single integrated front end solution that enables key user across the business to access information and data from multiple sources. This includes full workflow management, structuring data in many ways and being able to self-service a host of integrated information.

What were the main challenges?

Fylde Borough Council recognises a need to better manage performance and increase efficiency whilst existing on a diminished budget, in a challenging financial climate for Local Authorities in the UK. Previous systems were restrictive, incomprehensive and required significant manual intervention by Fylde Borough Council in order to obtain the vast data from across the business including performance, project planning, audit and risk information needed to better manage the organisation.

Fylde Borough Council felt it important to capture, in one location, all their performance information and key corporate planning tasks. In order to engage all of its potential users, they would need to deliver all of this in a visually pleasing and easy to navigate webbased solution.

A standardised global approach to corporate reporting with everyone accessing the correct data from the right sources, at the same time would enable better business decision making. Associating the same data to numerous reports would also save a significant amount of time and reduce duplication of effort across the different services.

Finally, under financial constraints that Local Authorities are currently working with, a priority was to identify the best value for money solution for Fylde Borough Council.

What as the solution?

After a rigorous and detailed selection process, Fylde Borough Council chose InPhase to deliver their Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Reporting Solution, which was implemented in 2012. The results have been outstanding!

InPhase have helped deliver a solution which is fun, easy to use and now embedded in the culture of the organisation. InPhase is accessed frequently by over forty users, 80% of which are Managers or Directors.

However, with the entire organisation focused on achieving their goals, performance improvement and a target driven ethos runs throughout each individual service area.

Council have achieved a standardised approach to reporting. Service plans are managed in Inphase with individual teams being able to setup objectives and action plans, albeit with a significant reduction to duplication. Scorecards are visible on the website & the look and feel can be very easily.

Scorecards are visible on the website & the look and feel can be very easily altered and branded to fit in seamlessly with Fylde Borough Councils corporate standards, without the need for consultancy or additional cost. Indeed, the implementation was quick and easy, with Fylde using a standard InPhase template, which were used to capture Audit, Risk, Service and other key operational plans.

With everyone buying into the Performance solution, InPhase is frequently accessed live in Corporate Planning meetings, Quarterly Management meetings and Directorate Meetings. Who needs paper based reporting?!

Performance data, Risk assignments, Audit Actions, Service Plans and Tasks can all be managed in one place, with a 95% increase in the response rate witnessed after implementation. Under performing service areas are highlighted at very early stages, with actions quickly assigned to minimise the impact. Overall performance has improved significantly across each service line.

"The software has exceeded our expectations. Using the easy to use features we have been able to embed all our performance measures, Service Plans, Audit and Risk actions to capture service delivery requests the ‘once and use numerous times’ reducing duplication."
photo of alex scrivens

Alex Scrivens

Performance & Improvement Manager - Fylde Borough Council

What was the outcome?

InPhase and Fylde Borough Council have demonstrated that a true partnership approach can reap huge rewards for all concerned. The software has enabled Fylde Borough Council to significantly improve their business planning, execution and performance management.

Streamlining and efficiency savings have been created along with process improvement and a more focused, results orientated organisation.

InPhase is now embedded in the culture at Fylde and this is a partnership that promises to grow and develop over time.

"The Seamless migration from being a client hosted on internal servers to a cloud-based InPhase Limited service. Lightning quick service, floating somewhere virtually, safe and secure. Top product and even better team - thank you very much!"
photo of alex scrivens

Alex Scrivens

Performance & Improvement Manager - Fylde Borough Council