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Staff Wellness App

Staff Wellness and Availability

Help show you really care then inspire others and build their inner confidence. Employees can check in with their wellbeing and capacity to help you drive a happier and more efficient business.
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Team Availability
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Sickness Prediction

It only takes a second(ish)

A 5-second, easy-to-access app lets any team member update you with their daily check in data from any location. Reminders prompt the check in each day, and triggers an alert to line managers if any team member is incapacitated. Know what percentage of each team are fully operational, partially operational or completely out of action.

We'll remind your team

If your member of staff is taken poorly or can't work, know about it quickly and call them if appropriate to offer help and assistance. InPhase can issue reminders for staff to check-in so you prioritise caring for those who need it the most.
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"Think of InPhase Wellness like an insurance policy so you know your constantly looking after your teams, even in a crisis! "
Andrew Bingham, VP Health & Customer Success - InPhase

Key Features


Track everyone’s health status, from clear, suspect, confirmed or recovered.
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Can they work even if they were due to be off?
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Track physical location and exposure risk ( home, office, hospital, shift?)
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How many people have you seen today? Any confirmed cases? Did you always use PPE?


  • Facilitates fast and accurate reporting of overall staff availability, for your team or department
  • A breakdown of sub teams and departments lets you see how deep the problems exist in the business. You get a real-time, at-a-glance understanding of capacity and demand in your area. All available out of the box
  • As with all InPhase solutions they are deployable quickly and easily. Our specialist on boarding package migrates over any excel spreadsheet data you give us and we have a great way of pre loading organisational hierarchies, email addresses and staff contact data

What happens next?

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Now you've had a taste of InPhase Wellness, it's time to get together with the InPhase team and discover how Wellness can help you ensure your teams know you care about them, and help you predict issues in the future.