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Project Management App

PMO and Project Best Practice

Embedding out-of-the-box the expertise of InPhase consultants in best practice PMO and project management, the App accommodates your holistic needs, making projects more likely to succeed. From small quick projects to full PRINCE II deployments, the App is there to support the needs of each team in your business.

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Project Performance
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Cost to go
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Predicted Success
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What if
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Routing actions
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picture of Paul Clinton, Head of Consulting- InPhase
"The PMO and action planning App is ideal for any organsiation with remote workers who need to make the most of their people’s time and effort "
Paul Clinton, Head of Consulting- InPhase

Fully Integrated PMO

Intuitively manage your projects easily using mind maps, interactive pickers and sliders, project timelines and dependencies and more in minutes.

InPhase lets you define your project management processes, covering all aspects of a project lifecycle. Create your own project processes, lifecycles and levels of governance.

All projects include;

  • Project Risks
  • Project Costs
  • Project Performance
  • Project Impacts
The project process picture


Inform your strategy from lessons learnt.


Here you might have ideas, project requests, opportunities for improvement.


Do others think this is a good idea? (voting). Can we get support – headline values poropsition.

Business Case

Full PID including Budget and KPI’s and deliverables.


Test and validate. Especially budget Stakeholder Plan/Risk.



Review and establish benefits realisation.
Screenshot of a project review

Create, model, discuss and review projects on the fly.

Get your virtual project teams working collaboratively via the cloud, reporting and reacting real-time to historic, current and predicted outturn performance.

Be intelligent

What-if scenario modelling enables you to decide the best course of action to take. Enable your teams to take control of their future.

Intelligent AI helps you predict your future. Identify which projects will deliver the best outcomes, and where unstable issues in the business are impacting on success.

  • Predicted delivery dates
  • Predicted costs
  • Predicted cross team impacts
  • Seek and find issues
connected person to project including cost and analysis
Tracking value for money screenshot

Cost v's benefit

Aligned Value For Money tracking tells you if your projects have had the effect you expected, not only during the deployment phase – but ongoing and throughout the delivery phase.

Key Features

performance chart image

Project Performance

Because project quality matters us much as timeliness.
lessons learnt in performance image

Lessons Learnt

Never make the same mistakes twice - even across different teams and services.
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Critical Path

Understand dependencies, and know about impacts before they happen.
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Stop the daily hunt for documents. Have all your project information in one place.
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Infographics, gantt, timelines, dependency mapping. YOUR project, YOUR way.
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Regular projects with the same SOP's? Define once, and replicate.
Easy to deploy image

Easy to deploy

Simple, out of the box and then customisable if you need it.
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Real-time collaboration and notifications engage teams in quality improvement.


  • Reduce wasted money and effort on failing projects
  • Spot issues earlier
  • Align actions and cut out wasted effort
  • Control project spend and VFM
  • Improve engagement and accountability
  • Improve speed of decision-making

What happens next?

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Now you've had a taste of InPhase PMO, it's time to get together with the InPhase team and discover how the App can help you streamline processes, ensure accountability and importantly, save money and improve outcomes.