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Outcome Based Budgeting App

Easy Outcome Based Budgeting

A super cool app designed to help you radically change the way your organisation saves it's cash
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Direct Expenses
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Staff Time and Costs
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Asset Utilisation

Align budgets to priorities

Allocate scarce financial resources to achieve priority outcomes. Provides a direct link between how forecast expenditure is prioritised and the outcomes realised by that spend.
  • Monitor systematically the delivery of services
  • Develop budget plans that to show how spending makes a difference;
  • Essential for demonstrating delivery of strategic plans
  • Identify cost savings based on priority
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Andrew Bingham, VP Health & Customer Success - InPhase
"Rather than budget by departmental code, this App lets you assess how much is being spent to achieve your outcomes. "
Andrew Bingham, VP Health & Customer Success - InPhase

Key Features

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Cause and Effect

Make decisions based on a single version of the truth, understanding the cause and effect across the organisation.
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Informed Challenge

Decision makers are armed with ‘Grade A’ evidence to enable the reform of services based on this increased understanding rather than having to re-size or stop providing them when there are alternative options.
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Target priority services for investment and lesser priority areas for developing alternative operating models for increased efficiency.
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Easily track where budget and prioritisation of goal does not align.


  • Spend and manage according to matrix priorities
  • Increase financial transparency
  • Deliver best practice public sector accountability
  • Improve effectiveness of resources and actions
  • Shift the focus from business as usual activities to delivering an outcome and priorities led approach
  • Improve decision-making

What happens next?

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