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Decision Tracker App

Implement fast-paced decisions and mitigate risks reliably

The InPhase Decision App is your one-stop solution cascading the actions needed as a result of rapid decision making and risk mitigation.
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Ideas capture
Decision assessment
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Issue prioritisation
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Decision Tracker
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Action Performance
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Decision Review

Datasheet Download

A free Decision Tracker PDF datasheet for you to take away.

The Decision Tracking App for everyone

Victoria, Head of Product, illustrates the Decision App in a 10 minute walk through.

Andrew Bingham, VP Health & Customer Success - InPhase
"Decision making today is happening incredibly quickly and InPhase can be there to support you now, and as you come out the other side of the crisis. Of course, if you're catching your breath now is the time to re-plan for the next big issue."
Andrew Bingham, VP Health & Customer Success - InPhase

Key Features

people succession plan image

Succession Planning

Increase the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume actions as they need to be done.
Aligned actions image

Action Planning

Gain complete visibility of who is doing what, by when, and automatically catch up what’s being missed.
Risk and governance image

Risk and Governance

Make compliance and risk easy for everyone, and a natural part of their day job.
Escalate actions and projects image


Worried about a decision or it's resulting actions? Just escalate it to someone who can help.
park actions for now image


When making decisions it's as much about what your going to park and for how long.
Accountability and ownership mage


Ensure no-one can play the blame game and accountability transparent.
Audit icon image


A full log of decision made means you can unpick and re plan quickly and easily in InPhase.
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Log the impact of decisions - predicted and learnt.


  • Understand the long term impact of decisions
  • Analyse the gap. What's the gap to successfully deliver your plans
  • Identify operational gaps in performance and key areas for improvement
  • Redefine what your "new you" will look like
  • Minimise the cost to restore normal operations
  • Better mitigate an incident, risks or operational performance when negative events occur

What happens next?

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Now you've had a taste of InPhase Decision Tracker, it's time to get together with the InPhase team and discover how Decision Tracker can help your Trust streamline processes, ensure accountability and importantly, save money and improve outcomes.