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Board Assurance Framework App

A revolutionised, integrated Board Assurance Framework (BAF)

More than ever, boards need to deliver strategic objectives and manage risks without losing sight of maintaining care quality, outcomes, patient experience and safety levels. They need to be assured that they understand the risks to their strategic objectives, be confident that risk-related actions are effective and ensure that identified risks are being controlled. That’s why InPhase gives you a more efficient, modernised, digital integrated Board Assurance Framework (BAF) system with one amazing app.

Seamless Integration
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Exception-based Dashboards
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Advanced Reporting
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Built-in Action Management

Datasheet Download

A free BAF PDF datasheet for you to take away.

Be Better Connected

Turn your BAF into a live framework that automatically collates all your data in near real-time for a golden thread of accurate, up-to-the minute assurance that runs throughout your Trust in just a click.

Shorter Improvement Cycles

The InPhase Board Assurance Framework App frees you from stagnant spreadsheets and quarterly BAF reports that are out of date before they’re even presented to your Board and gives you shorter cycles for improving risk control and ensuring better patient safety.

Near Real-time assurance

The InPhase Board Assurance Framework app now enables you to automate your BAF in near real-time, collating and consolidating data from different sources and operational systems. With no laborious manual production, translating, copying, chasing, updating or reconciliation to get in the way or waste resources.

Total Freedom with Cloud

Users can easily access and use the app from any mobile device or tablet or desktop with no extra training, and with our Microsoft Azure servers hosting everything in the cloud, your data is safe and quick to access too.

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"At its heart, your Trust’s board assurance framework needs to deliver the right level of assurance about the right things and help you know what you actually need to know, without taking an army of administrators, risk managers, projects managers, performance managers, clinicians and senior managers to keep it live"
Robert Hobbs, CEO - InPhase

Key Features

Total Assurance

Clear and complete oversight of all identified risks and risk-related actions.

Bubble up Reporting

Be notified of new operational and escalated risks, impacts on outcomes, areas of concern and gaps in assurance across the business that flows up to the board.
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Real-time Connections

Real-time data connections to all your important documents and systems ensure up-to-minute-accuracy.
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Easily Customisable

While the app is ready to deliver immediate benefits right out of the box, you can easily configure it to your specific needs too.
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Pre-Built Reporting

Choose from a library of vibrant, informative report templates to present the right information to the right people, one less thing on your plate.

Printable Reports

Create your own A4 printable board assurance reports inside InPhase automatically linked to all your data, Export straight to PDF. No more copy and paste into word!


  • Shortens your quality improvement cycles from annually to monthly
  • Spend far less time building the reports and collating the information saving you valuable time, effort and manpower.
  • Seamlessly integrates your self-assessment, quality assurance, auditing, inspections, risk assessments, and more.
  • Have complete trust in the accuracy of the information provided to the Board.
  • Improve speed of decision-making

What happens next?

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If you want to upgrade to a more efficient, more productive BAF that delivers thorough, real-time oversight of strategic risk to outcomes founded on solid confidence, contact us today.