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How a fast and easy to use audit management system can increase audit completion rates.

Having trouble getting audits completed?
How a fast and easy to use audit management system can increase audit completion rates with inphase oversight apps
| Robert Hobbs | Quality Assurance

It doesn’t matter which regulated sector you work in, if you are regulated, audits are a part of what you have to do. They help you understand how you’re performing against your regulatory standards and also your internal standards and assure you that certain processes are being done correctly. Audits also help you celebrate success where you see it as well as identify areas for improvement, and create plans to do so.

Every regulated body needs audits. But how exactly do you increase audit completion rates whilst saving time and reducing staff workload?

What’s causing low audit completion rates?

Think about how audits are managed within your organisation. What do they look like? Are they done on paper and hard to collate for analysis later on? What about on Excel spreadsheets or Word documents? Maybe you have a digital system in place that you use, but it’s slow and difficult to use or only works on desktop meaning you have to capture the information initially on paper and type up all your data later on.

With digital systems, there’s the issue of a long audit data capture process, with irrelevant questions in the form that leads to many N/A answers that makes completing a simple audit more complicated than it needs to be and are hard to analyse later on.

Users of these systems can get disenchanted with the idea of completing an audit, with audit completion, unfortunately, getting pushed further down the to-to list, competing with the urgent, fast-paced tasks of the day-to-day.

How to increase audit completion rates with a fast and easy to use audit management system.

Low audit completion rates means that you won’t have a crystal clear view of compliance across your organisation. Without complete and evidenced audits, there’s no easy way to tell if processes are being followed correctly and the impacts that this is having. Also, it’s more difficult to identify areas for improvement without having collected the data for further analysis and improvement work.

The changes begin when you adapt how you’re conducting your audits. A fast and easy to use audit management system will increase audit completion rates by significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to complete an audit and making it fit more cleanly into the weekly, monthly or quarterly to-dos.

A digital management system that runs smoothly and responsively across mobile smart phone, tablet or desktop means that audits are adaptable for on the move, eliminating the need to conduct manual audit data capture and type up the results at a later date after assembling the various data sets that have been collected. Audits will then be more accessible to do anywhere at any time, leading to higher completion rates.

As well as this, the audit forms must be fast and simple to complete, only showing the relevant questions needed for the audit, eliminating N/A answers and weaker, hard to analyse data sets. Conditional questions are important, appearing based on the answers to previous questions, further strengthening the data set. This means that users won’t have to scroll through a long form to find the fields they require.

Audit Oversight from InPhase.

Through Fast Forms in a web-based platform that runs at high speed across any device, users are able to complete audits quicker and easier than before from whatever device they have access to. These forms can be customised to your unique specifications, adding whatever questions you need with the inclusion of conditional questions as well as the ability to click a ‘required fields only’ button that reduces the form right down to only what’s needed for quick and easy data capture.

audit oversight from inphase on an iphone and desktop view

If users have multiple audits to complete, and are required to search through your audit forms, the menu bar is clear and easy to navigate, so you can bring up the right forms with ease. Alternatively QR codes can be generated to bring up the right audit forms straight away without needing to search through your audits list to select one.

Audit Oversight from InPhase is the digital audit management system that recently took one organisation’s audit completion rates from 72% to 95% in just the first month after implementation.

Want to increase audit completion rates for your organisation?

If you want to replicate these results and see these benefits for your team and organisation, then schedule your time with an InPhase expert today to talk about Audit Oversight from InPhase. Schedule time with us

Robert Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer

InPhase’s Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been the visionary leading InPhase to be one of the UK's leading providers of management, governance and assurance solutions, and helping organisations align their actions and goals more easily and efficiently with InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

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