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The first ever InPhase Patient Safety Leaders’ Summit 2024!

The InPhase team made their way to the North of the UK for the first Patient Safety Leaders' Summit on the 4th of July at the Cedar Court Hotel!
| Heather Lowery | Healthcare

On July 4th, 2024, InPhase hosted its first Patient Safety Leaders' Summit at the Cedar Court Hotel in Huddersfield. The day kicked off with the most important part – a free continental breakfast - which set the stage for a day filled with workshops, presentations, and demonstrations focused on patient safety.

New Friends and Familiar Faces

The event drew a brilliant collection of patient safety specialists from healthcare trusts across the North of the UK. It was great to see so many excited faces, with some attendees already knowing each other from previous job roles and past lives, creating a friendly and engaging atmosphere from the start. It was also a fabulous chance to make new connections across the Northern healthcare landscape.

Moving, Using and Futureproofing: A Patient Safety Workshop

After everyone had finished their breakfast and hellos, Rachael Penny, Learning and Solutions, led an interactive patient safety workshop where delegates actively participated in discussions on system migration, challenges with current and future patient safety systems, and data management issues.

The workshop was designed to help delegates understand the complexities of migrating patient safety systems and frameworks and how they can use technology and automation to improve the day-to-day processes and patient safety goals. The session also covered how organisations can futureproof their integrated systems to adapt and evolve as things change and help delegates build a wider community for sharing their learning.

Following the session, the group found that recognising that implementing new systems and frameworks is an ongoing journey and fostering a culture of acceptance of continuous change is key for a successful implementation. Also, leadership support to encourage the engagement of staff with the new system and consideration of the varying IT and digital literacy skills of staff to provide that support was also cited as key factors.

Learning from Bradford's Success: A Case Study

We were also lucky enough to be joined by Leah Richardson, Patient Safety Specialist, and Sarah Branigan, Quality and Patient Safety Lead at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who shared their institution's journey transitioning from Datix to InPhase.

Their detailed and insightful presentation gave delegates a real-world example of their migration to InPhase and what they encountered and learned on the way. They shared how they engaged procurement early and provided a list of requirements for their new system including integrated, triangulated reporting across teams and data sets, a more modern, customisable solution and a focus on patient safety and quality improvement.

They also covered what training they gave their staff to support them in using a brand-new system as well as recognising the importance of creating a culture of incident reporting, recognising that benefits take time during such a massive change and tracking the training needs of their teams, giving delegates additional things to consider in their own migration journeys and how they can best prepare their own teams.

They highlighted significant time savings, process improvements, and enhanced organisational oversight achieved through InPhase's triangulated performance monitoring and data transparency.

Embracing Innovation: A Closer Look at InPhase

Delegates enjoyed our Head of Solutions Paul Clinton's demonstration of InPhase, who took attendees through the different parts of the InPhase system that will resolve their current issues. Common issues with current systems highlighted were a lack of intuitiveness, support and reporting capabilities.

After the demonstration of InPhase, delegates fed back that they loved the flexibility of InPhase, how adaptable the system is and how modern the system is compared to what they’re used to. Notable feedback also cited how easy it was to build Board reports inside the system to make reporting simple and quick.

Many expressed their enthusiasm saying, “there is a world out there beyond Datix we just need to be brave to explore it.”

Patient Safety Changes on the Horizon: LFPSE Taxonomy V6 and PSIRF

It wouldn’t be a Patient Safety Leaders' Summit without exploring the latest changes happening in the landscape of patient safety. The hot topic on everyone’s mind is the taxonomy changes from LFPSE V5 to LFPSE V6. As LFPSE is a constantly evolving framework, it will adapt as things continue to develop in healthcare. To learn more about LFPSE V6, we have a blog of Frequently Asked Questions here.

Paul also covered the latest developments with PSIRF, including standardising investigation methods, focusing on systemic root causes and the cultural changes needed to have patient safety as a primary goal.

Looking Ahead: Future Summits and Continued Innovation

The summit concluded on a positive note, with attendees expressing eagerness for future Patient Safety Leaders' Summits nationwide. Delegates enjoyed learning how data can be used to support patient safety and focus on areas for improvement and ideas for good practice, as well as the drive of InPhase to embed change and innovation.

The event underscored InPhase's commitment to supporting healthcare providers in enhancing patient safety through innovative technology and collaborative forums.

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