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How to use feedback to improve patient safety and experience.

It’s crucial to incorporate compliments and complaints from patients and their friends and family. But how can you use feedback in the most effective way?
| Heather Lowery | Healthcare

Improving patient safety and care isn't just about adhering to protocols; it's about listening to the voices of those who matter most: the patients. Incorporating patient feedback into improvement initiatives is not only a best practice but also a regulatory requirement.

By valuing and acting upon patient experiences, healthcare organisations demonstrate their commitment to delivering excellent, safe, and respectful care. Let's delve into the significance of feedback collection, its integration into improvement processes, and how innovative solutions can streamline this vital aspect of healthcare management.

Collecting Feedback as a CQC Requirement

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recognises patient feedback as a critical resource for enhancing care quality and the patient experience. While adhering to policies and procedures is essential, understanding how care is experienced from the patient's perspective is equally crucial.

Healthcare organisations must establish effective feedback management processes, actively utilise patient-reported experiences as evidence, and demonstrate their commitment to addressing concerns, regardless of the volume or nature of feedback received.

Making Feedback Collection User-Friendly

To encourage feedback participation, organisations must prioritise simplicity and efficiency in their feedback collection methods. Quick and easy-to-use feedback forms not only facilitate positive experiences but also mitigate potential frustrations for individuals providing negative feedback. By embedding user-friendly feedback mechanisms on patient-facing websites and displaying links and QR codes in wards and waiting rooms, organisations ensure accessibility and prompt action on reported issues.

Solutions like the Feedback app from InPhase make feedback collection easy, enabling organisations to generate QR codes for specific forms, customise form fields to collect the feedback that matters most and seamlessly integrates with other apps across the organisation.

Triangulating Feedback for Comprehensive Insights

A centralised feedback system enables healthcare organisations to triangulate patient feedback with other patient safety data, such as incident reports, risk assessments, audits and policies. This holistic approach provides context-rich insights, allowing organisations to identify trends, root causes, and areas for improvement effectively.

With the Feedback app from InPhase, users can seamlessly integrate feedback with various data sources, facilitating comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making.

Action Management and Evidence Attachment

Upon identifying areas for improvement based on triangulated patient feedback, organisations must develop actionable plans supported by evidence. Detailed action plans, accompanied by relevant evidence, demonstrate proactive efforts to address patient concerns and improve care quality.

The Feedback app from InPhase empowers users to create and track actions directly linked to feedback, ensuring transparency, accountability, and progress monitoring.


Incorporating patient feedback into improvement initiatives is not just a regulatory requirement; it's a fundamental aspect of delivering patient-centred care. By prioritising user-friendly feedback collection, triangulating feedback with patient safety data, and implementing robust action management processes, healthcare organisations can enhance patient safety, satisfaction, and overall care quality.

Innovative solutions like the Feedback app from InPhase offer comprehensive tools to streamline feedback integration, empowering organisations to prioritise patient voices and drive continuous improvement in healthcare delivery.

To find out more about how the Feedback app from InPhase can help you improve patient safety and experience, schedule your time with an InPhase expert today.

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