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Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust Launch with InPhase!

John Boland attends the InPhase Awareness Day at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.
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| Heather Lowery | Healthcare

Dedicated Customer Success Manager at InPhase, John Boland, was out and about with customers again at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, to support them as they migrate away from several systems, including Datix, to InPhase.

A Welcoming Stage: Staff Induction Day

The Awareness Day was a fantastic opportunity for John to talk to staff at GMMH about their brand new InPhase system and how it will become the future backbone of the Trust’s Quality and Assurance Plans.

John, hosted by Gareth Turner, the InPhase System Manager, engaged with the Trust's Project Team and staff members, shedding light on the capabilities of InPhase and its potential to revolutionise their processes.

Unravelling InPhase's Power: Simple, Streamlined Reporting

One of the major breakthroughs highlighted during the visit was in annual reporting. The existing systems faced limitations in flexible reporting, necessitating a convoluted process involving exports, manipulations, and manual interventions. InPhase emerged as the solution, promising streamlined reporting through the Word App—auto-pulling data with unprecedented ease.

Conversations That Inspired Change

Integrating with EPR: A Game-Changer

Vikki Gaffrey, the Administration and Operational Manager, expressed enthusiasm about InPhase's integration with their Electronic Patient Record (EPR). The assurance that InPhase would maintain current staff details resonated, promising improved follow-up and completion of crucial actions.

A Fresh and Modern Approach: Welcoming New Faces

Two newcomers to the organisation were captivated by InPhase's modern aesthetic. They found the system refreshingly contemporary, drawing parallels with user-friendly websites. This, they believed, would significantly ease the adoption process for the staff.

Success in Interaction: A Supplier on the Front Lines

Throughout the day, John engaged with various staff members, addressing their queries and showcasing the myriad ways InPhase could support their specific needs. The hands-on presence of a supplier representative was highlighted as a key factor in reassuring everyone of the commitment to make the deployment a resounding success.

A Day of Triumph: The InPhase Promise

The overall success of the day was evident in the multiple opportunities the Trust InPhase Project Team had to demonstrate the system's potential to the staff. The commitment to a successful deployment echoed through every interaction, setting the stage for a transformative journey powered by the capabilities of InPhase. The day wasn't just about a new system; it was a commitment to a future where efficiency, clarity, and modernity redefine the landscape of healthcare management.

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