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Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust Celebrate Their InPhase Launch!

Customer Success Manager John Boland hits the town again with Aden Maine, Head of Marketing, to celebrate this significant milestone alongside Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust.
| Heather Lowery | Healthcare

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust celebrated the go-live of InPhase at their Awareness Day. This was a key moment in their journey, marking a step towards better patient safety and efficiency.

A Day of Celebration and Reflection

To celebrate this achievement, Aden Maine, Head of Marketing, and John Boland, Customer Success Manager, at InPhase were invited to Frimley Park Hospital. With the Trust team, they spent a day reflecting on the teamwork that led to the successful implementation.

During their visit, Aden and John met with Tracey Coulson, Head of Patient Safety. They also met with Eamonn Brady, Patient Safety & Clinical Governance Lead, and Nadeem Gill, Risk Management Systems Manager. They also got to connect with other key members of the organisation who played pivotal roles in the rollout.

Looking Ahead: Advancing System Capabilities

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust is enthusiastic about further advancing the system's capabilities. They are committed to making operations smoother for their staff. They will do this by actively innovating and expanding the system's use to cover areas such as Audits and Freedom to Speak Up.

Customisation and Integration: Enhancing User Experience

One key point was the system's ability to customise alerts and parts of the user journey for staff that are tailored to the Trust's needs within specific departments. They also emphasised integrating with their EPR system to save staff time and improve patient care.

The Trust's post-graduate team played a key role, training staff on the system and ensuring full engagement to boost confidence in using the system. Feedback from staff indicated that InPhase was notably easier to use compared to their previous systems.

Embracing Possibilities: Excitement for Future Innovations

The team at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust is excited about the system possibilities and the control it offers. Frimley are also looking forward to how fast and user-friendly the system is and how it will enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

As Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust continues to use InPhase, they are ready to keep their commitment to patient safety and operational excellence. The ongoing partnership with InPhase ensures they are ready to face future challenges and helps them innovate in healthcare delivery.

To find out more about how InPhase can support and enhance your learning and improvement around patient safety, speak to an expert today.

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