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Public Information Portal

Available either as a standalone application or as a direct push from InPhase, the public information portal is an incredibly easy to use intuitive tool that lets you surface information to the public in a way that suits you.

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Live Examples

See other portals that help engage these clients with their citizens.

Fylde Borough Council

Fylde Borough Council

Fylde have used the portal to display performance against their core five council priorities.

AllWales Portal

AllWales Portal

Compare the relative performance of all welsh local authorities.

Blaby District Council

Blaby District Council

Blaby have used the portal to display performance against their core four council priorities.

InPhase Ltd

InPhase Ltd

A look into our very own InPhase open data PORTAL, sharing our own performance and goals.

Norwich City Council

Norwich City Council

The corporate plan for 2015-2020 and overall strategic direction of the council including its vision and priorities.

Shropshire Council

Shropshire Council

Showing how the council is performing against a series of measures in the Corporate Plan.

Set important information free.


The Public Portal cloud-based solution allows any business to put their information online in hours not days, make data-driven decisions, operate more efficiently, and share insights with the public, partners, key stakeholders, suppliers and customers.

Any time. Any Place. Anywhere.


The beautiful front end portal can be viewed on any device, anywhere at any time. Allowing members of the public or business stakeholders to see key information when they need it most wherever they are.

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