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Stunning visualisations

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Flexible output and distribution

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InPhase delivers smart reporting, for fully integrated report creation, customization, and distribution.

Built from your one version of the truth no-one can get reporting wrong. Make giving employees timely, correct, critical information easy via reports that facilitate material, trackable action.

Reporting so flexible it meets everyone’s needs

  • Holistic web portals

    Holistic web portals

    Interactive story boarding of information encourages non-technical users to engage with performance improvement just as they would any other web site.

  • Personalized home pages

    Personalized home pages

    By department, team or individual you can deliver to thousands, but create just once. The InPhase home hub ensures your users get their highest priority information, instantly.

  • Infographics


    Beautiful high impact reporting to engage all levels of stakeholder from the public, to volunteers, SMT and all levels of teams.

  • Open Data Portals

    Open Data Portals

    Share insights with the public in minutes. From your overarching corporate plan to detailed data.

    Out of the box styles and templates assure anyone of really great looking public facing sites.

  • Management Presentations

    Management Presentations

    Create PowerPoint like management presentations, dynamically updating data from the database. No need replicate effort each month. Simply create once and it will update for you real-time.

  • Regular reports

    Regular reports

    Want fast regular, on line or printed reports? Quickly design Board reports, operational reports, template letters, statements or any other output using drag-and-drop functionality and flexible formatting.

    Create a report layout you like and pump data value through it based upon filters and searches in the database.

  • Ad hoc queries

    Ad hoc queries

    Want to see all underperforming projects, all red measures, all unmanaged risks? Simply drag and drop in your desired report style or apply filters on any pre created report.

Public Portals

Deploy for widescale public accessibility, brilliant communication with your stakeholder groups including open data, data transparency and marketing.

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Connecting to Excel is easy with InPhase!

Make the Sophisticated Easy


Maximize the impact your workforce has with real-time, powerful, single click analytics. Change your world from being backward focused to forward thinking. InPhase’s intelligent engine enables your users to predict outturn performance, and see the impact actions have on actual outturn over time.

Advanced Analytics

  • Predictive analytics

    Predictive analytics

    Ensure your solution is forward looking to really engage users in outturn performance encouraging the right actions to be created and tracked. InPhase delivers an incredible library of in memory analytical functions.

  • SPC


    Need to report against specific control limits changing over time? Want this to be different to typical target based performance reporting? InPhase has turned Statistical Process Control into an easy deliverable for business managers. Track any number of limit thresholds against your own specification limits to enable quick reaction to critical issues and breaches.

  • Simulation


    Incredible drag and drop business modelling enables you to prototype new ways of structuring the entire business, single teams or processes. See real-time the impacts re-modelling has on your outturn performance, direct from you one version of the truth.

Powerful 'What If' capabilities in just a few clicks!

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