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Why InPhase for Risk?

Users Love it

Its simple, it’s easy, there’s no fuss or training to use it and it integrates into the business plans, home pages and interface seamlessly with all other functionality.

Governance Love it

A centralised single version of the truth, which when updated updates all reports past, present and predictive.

SMT love it

Ensuring clear analysis of which risks cost more to mitigate than happen, where cost saving opportunities might exist, and instant bubble up reporting directly from the front line to SMT visibility.

Managers love it

Clear indication of what needs most attention, when. Streamlined processes, email notifications, and reports in their frame of reference.

Risk Managers love it

Rapid to deploy and quick ROI. Template options or fully customisable, it adapts to your policy.

Budget Holders love it

Scalable and cost effective, you can align your level of deployment to the needs of the business.

Transformation Managers love it

Fully integrated into your business planning process, risk is embedded as an integral part of how you do business.

I.T love it

Hosted, on premise or on your own cloud. Updatable from anywhere at any time, and integrating with Google, Salesforce and Microsoft.

InPhase is the single place of risk creations assessment, alignment, mitigation, delivery and management.

Key Features



  • All types of risk are supported from strategic, to operational. Conform to regulatory frameworks & risk standards such as ISO 31000, COSO Integrated Framework, COBIT, Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel III.
  • Full risk mitigation and 360 feedback loop on the impact mitigation has on the risk.
  • Risk historic snail trail and predictive outturn in a single view.


  • Align and report risks in any other business management structure or report.
  • Link finance to risk for best cost mitigation.
  • Aggregate and align risks to outcomes, goals and projects.
  • Cross boundary risks, even intercompany risks and supplier risk.
Ownership and Accountability

Ownership and Accountability

  • Clear ownership, definitions and relationships.
  • Risks by person, with notification on current responsibilities and actions required.
  • Bubble up risk reporting, pushing risks to through critical paths where needed.
  • Risk chat and on line real time conversations.


  • Fast production of risk registers and risks that impact on multiple frameworks or structures.
  • Quick risk dashboards.
  • Risk document repository.

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