Business Planning

Plan what to do and do what you plan.

InPhase is the single integrated toolkit that provides a unique platform from which your business manages can quickly, easily and with minimal fuss deliver everything they need for effective business planning.

Capture the plan

Manage activity against the plan

Review performance

Update the plan

The one-stop shop environment is an easy place for the user to


Capture and define their plan


Update the plan


Review, analyse and report on the plan

The InPhase solution makes service plans come to life, creating the repeatable improvement cycle for your end users. Service plans can be updated anytime you like.

Devolved and controlled by you

Real-time strategic planning

Your Administrators can define any elements of the plan templates, including goals, outcomes, initiatives, complaints, customer satisfaction, HR, projects, risks, costs, resources and of course actions.

Users can quickly and easily see the alignment between goals and activity to the highest priority deliverables effecting real improvements in performance quickly.

Covers all your planning needs

Covers all your planning needs

Easy to use by totally non-technical teams, the business planning solution from InPhase is the one-stop shop for:

  • Outcomes / Objectives / Goals
  • KPI's / Metrics
  • Risks
  • Projects
  • Actions
  • Costs / Resources

Users can quickly and easily see the alignment of outcomes and activity to the highest priority deliverables.

Quickly find problem areas

Quickly find problem areas

Key reports focus on getting the most relevant information to the managers in a timely way.

Out of the box we include

  • Exception alerting across the plan
  • Outcomes analysis
  • Critical issues analysis
  • Easy ability to forecast and apply statistics
  • Risk and project registers
  • Action impact analysis

The solution is cost effective, scalable and simple to deploy. Optional connections to transaction systems mean you can avoid manual data input if desired.

Flexible output defined by you

Flexible output defined by you

Optional report creator capabilities mean your users can leverage the power of the service plan to deliver other essential reports internally such as:

  • The monthly performance monitoring report
  • Meeting reports
  • The Board reports and many more.
  • Bespoke interactive dashboards
  • Open data to the public

Business planning has never been easier, here's a demo to prove it!

Let the InPhase Business Planning Hub automate your planning process and bring your plans to life.

Delivering best in class solutions for you, our toolkit is based upon years of experience from our substantial user base, as well as that of our specialist team of InPhase consultants.

Presenting live from InPhase has allowed Performance Managers and the audience to have full access to all of the indicators and their underlying data available during the meeting. We no longer need to prepare static presentations that may either be too detailed for a quick overview or not detailed enough for an in depth understanding of the data.

Head of Performance. Surrey County Council

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