Talent is your most precious resource.

Inspiring engagement

Coaching and feedback

Goal alignment and development

Create a culture of ongoing performance improvement


Encourage, facilitate and engage users to create realistic SMART goals.

Overall Strategy

Align them to the overall strategic intent of the business, and inspire people to improve.

Positive Difference

Ensure effort, activity and focus is consistently directed in a way that makes a positive difference.

Plan: KIS – Keep it simple!

Plan: KIS – Keep it simple!

  • Ensure your approach to appraisals is easy and that every member of the team understands the process.
  • Boost leadership capacity and operational excellence.
  • Identify risks to each individual and team, with defined action plans to mitigate.
  • Make it interactive, engaging and fun.
  • Centralise and standardize.


  • Align and manage goals, milestones, tasks and development activities.
  • Collaborate in the facilitation tool ways aligning goals and operational deliverables might impact on outcomes.
  • Clearly show how learning new skills can increase your value to the business.
  • Clearly show input into the appraisals process driving improved outcomes over time.


  • Built in conversations, real-time with each team member for collaboration on key activities, actions and projects or around the appraisal itself.
  • Keep coaching and feedback loops continuous throughout operational delivery so that improvement is rapid and predictive.
  • Assure yourself that all information needed is in a single place and preserved over time.
  • Update real time over mobile.


  • Drive change. Clearly identify gaps in performance.
  • Stay focused with clear action plans.
  • At a glance goal progress reporting.
  • Instant messaging feedback alerts.
  • Clear activity tracker and instant email notification on when activity is due.
  • Performance breach alerting.

The support has been fantastic and the team at INPHASE always have time for the customer. INPHASE has proved to be a superb value for money performance management solution for the Council.

Allan Oldfield, Chief Executive, Fylde Borough Council

Change the way people manage performance and execute their goals.

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