InPhase is quite simply the easiest and fastest way to create customized business management applications today.

Work on Anything. Anywhere.

Multi-Browser & Device Support

The InPhase responsive, any-browser design makes business management on the fly possible. Create tasks and have discussions in real-time on any device when you're out and about. Perfect for the agile business.

Never miss an issue.

Exception Reporting

Real-time critical alerting direct to your home hub, business plan, dashboard or operational report. Multi-tier exception alerting enables business users to build layers of filtering and criteria so they get what’s most important to them at any time. Crossing measures, data, actions, projects, risks, supplier performance focus your teams on what matters most. Based on historic OR predicted outturn data email notifications drive alerts direct to the users.

Work better together.

Communication & Collaboration

From co-workers to clients and suppliers, businesses run better if they have a single version of the truth upon which you can collaborate seamlessly to share, talk and work on performance improvement. Make sure your fully virtualised business remains connected, in real-time, working to deliver to your outcomes.

Be Informed.

Emails & Notifications

Check outstanding tasks and approvals and never miss a deadline again with notifications being pushed real time to your inbox. Update everyone using your mobile app to tell the community you’re dealing with the issues immediately.

Unite your working environment.

MS integration

InPhase fully integrates into a Microsoft Office estate to bring added productivity features to the suite. Open and manage documents, emails, presentations and even embed videos in InPhase, all thought the portal interface. Link essential information to goals, metrics, projects, risks or suppliers so the solution really delivers you one stop shop for all information.

Even deploy InPhase via SharePoint as snazzy pages available direct from your intranet. Combined with the fully customisable interface there’s not even a need for users to know it’s an off-the-shelf application.

Finally align with your existing Windows network login credentials for improved security and convenience.


Be You.


Your personal dashboard provides a real-time activity stream of everything that’s important to you. From noise in the transaction data to critical delivery issues on operational objectives, outcomes, projects, risks, and suppliers, contract, governance or risk. It’s your single place to work out where to focus your efforts for the maximum impact.

Be Brand Happy.


From fully branded web portals and workspaces, to app customisation,
InPhase is clearly the industry’s most flexible, intelligent and easy to use business management platform.

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