Staff Wellness

Look after your staff, no matter where they are.

In times of crisis and pandemic it critical to look after your teams. InPhase will help you know if everyone is OK, where they are working from and if they need help.


Who is available but current not working


Who is furloughed, and when are they free


Who is most likely to get sick


It only takes a second(ish)

A 5-second, easy-to-access app lets any team member update you with their daily check in data from any location. Reminders prompt the check in each day, and triggers an alert to line managers if any team member is incapacitated.

Know what percentage of each team are fully operational, partially operational or completely out of action.

Daily Check-in is easy!

In just a few seconds, you're done! Watch the 30-second demo...

Covid-19 Crisis Action Management Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don't create a diaspora of spreadsheets to manage the biggest staff health Crisis in a life-time!
  • Do use a real-time, fully secure, Azure Cloud, backed-up multi-user, fully audited, InPhase application to assure your critical action management.
  • Don't rely on disparate reports, documents, to do list, minutes and action request emails!
  • Do use an integrated, single version of the truth, on-line real-time collaboration and action planning system.
  • Don't wait until your team can't cope with action assurance until your reduced staffing and increased workload overpower your resources
  • Do signup to InPhase Crisis Action Management and be activated within hours.

Get your Crisis Actions Done

We'll remind your team

Another thing off your list.

If you member of staff is taken poorly or can't work, know about it quickly and call them if appropriate to offer help and assistance. InPhase can issue reminder for staff to check-in so you prioritise caring for those who need it the most.

Here's a breakdown

Facilitates fast and accurate reporting of overall staff availability, for your team or department.

A breakdown of sub teams and departments too lets you see how deep the problems exist in the business. You get a real-time at-a-glance understanding of capacity and demand in your area. All available out of the box.

As with all InPhase solutions they are deployable quickly and easily. Our specialist on boarding package migrates over any excel spreadsheet data you give us and we have a great way of pre loading organisational hierarchies, email addresses and staff contact data.

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