InPhase helps everyone from the CEO to front line staff identify the next best action to take and then safeguard that better faster, more aligned decisions are continuously made.

Real-world improvement & decisions.

InPhase Unify Engine

Powered by our unique Unify modelling engine, InPhase is an intelligent tool that enables you to bring together people, knowledge and data from across the business.

This enables you to get everyone doing the actions they need to, reliably, at the right time AND to make the right decision at the right time.

Be assured that what needs to get done, does.

Available out of the box or fully configurable, the solution delivers thousands of visualisations and reports, all with the assurance of your one version of the truth.

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Your World is limited only by your Vision

Available as a developer environment and with in-built Apps, InPhase helps you assure your future performance.


Beautifully intelligent.

Full Customisation

Out of the box, or create your own stunning Performance, Decision Support or Crisis Management Solutions & reports based on your business models, it's easier than ever before. No tech skills needed. Change anything you want, add your images, videos, text and more to get your business making better decisions faster.

Instant power in your hands to create, save and reuse your own Apps. All designed by your business users, for your business users and deployed real time.

More Reporting and Analytics

Create Your World, Your Way.


InPhase lets you model your business in 3 dimensions, reflecting real work, not IT structures.


Model literally any aspect of your business, creating your own models and bespoke entity types. Supplement with bespoke data capture forms and reports to reflect organisational structures, locations, suppliers, contracts, processes, complaints, compliments.


InPhase assures you of a reliable and robust governance model to devolve reporting to any level of the business knowing it will always be correct.


From any number of organisational layers, processes and data, InPhase will handle all your management and BI needs.

Designed for fun and ease of use.

Codeless Apps

InPhase empowers your users to make better decisions faster, based on fact and process. Do it from an InPhase App, or build your own, or combine both for maximum speed of deployment, return on investment and internal control and customisation.

What else makes InPhase Different?

We've made it quicker too.

InPhase Apps

The InPhase Platform enables customers and partners to easily build their own cutting-edge apps and each INPHASE implementation is supplemented with a rage of Apps supporting fantastic visualisations and embedding best practice.

You can quickly discover the Apps most relevant to your market, implementing them inside your deployment at a time that’s right for you.

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Combine the power of the enterprise to build your future success.

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Put the most powerful decision support platform to work for your organisation.

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