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Strategic planning software

Decode what's in your CEO's head and make it happen.

No matter how you choose to manage, crack the code to disseminating goals and strategic priorities. Awaken your business strategy.
  • Use 1% of employee time, to ensure that 99% of employee time is fruitful.
  • Increase the pace of your business success
  • Drive only activities that push you towards, not away from strategic goals.
  • Gain assurance that the right actions happen at the right time
Cascading outcomes and goals across the business or Trust
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Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

"..we have moved from just monitoring things on a quarterly basis to really speeding up the data processing, so we can really look at things within the quarter to within the month.."
a photo of Anna Robinson from the royal borough of windsor and maidenhead

Anna Robinson

Strategy and Performance Manager - Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

Got a top shelf plan you need to make happen?

Dare to lead. Inspire others. Let InPhase be their inner confidence. 

Regulatory strategic planning software

Commissioner Goals.

Answerable to NHS England, NHS Improvement, Ofsted, HMICFRS, or a host of other Commissioners? We know you need to meet national and local obligations in the best way possible.

Be 100% compliant AND drive an inclusive, engaging performance culture.

You can make it happen with InPhase.

Commissioner logos

Strategic planning software for OKR

The #1 for OKR's.

Made famous by Google's success, OKR's (Objectives and Key Results) ensure that goals and priorities are turned into the right quantifiable actions. And it really works. InPhase is the worlds leading creator of "cultures of action" for heath and regulated bodies.

OKR delivering goals better

Aligned strategic planning software

The agile Balanced Scorecard.

The fastest way to bring your scorecard to life, energise teams and ensure the process is smooth and efficient.  Stimulate enthusiasm for better alignment and management.  

Example Balanced Scorecard View

Loved strategic planning software

Pivoting fast.

Easily focus and refocus your people onto the areas that matter, when they have the biggest impact. Be that staffing overspend, delivering crisis actions, or moving back to elective care.

Predict, plan, pivot.

Choosing the right path and streamlining activity for better performance

Holistic, integrated strategic planning

One unified engine. Any approach.

Deploying MBO, Balanced Scorecard, Business Model Canvas, Investors in People, OKR’s, Pinks Drive or holistic quality management?  InPhase unifies and unites all these approaches so you have one streamlined process to meet everyone's management needs. 

connecting performance, risk, compliance and reporting together
"Any company considering the implementation of two or more performance management tools (which will be any major enterprise) would be shooting itself in the foot if it did not pay serious attention to InPhase in the process."
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Bloor Research

Europe’s leading independent IT research company

Nurture Teams and realise collective goals

Understanding priority for the streamlined focused business

Decision Making

Automate the process of assuring what needs to get done does.

Make the process nurturing, engaging and intuitive for everyone, embedding company culture and increased productivity

knowing what is under performing

Keep everyone aligned

As many as...
  • 87% of front line leads
  • 82% of middle management
  • 78% of senior executives 

...don't know what your strategic priorities are and are making the wrong decisions every day.
InPhase stops the decay of strategic intent through the business from Board to front line.  


Real time notifications for performance and compliance

Strategy Assurance

Get real time notification direct to your inbox, phone, iPad, wherever and whenever, for complete 360 degree assurance and peace of mind. 

It’s like taking your businesses pulse all the time rather than just a monthly temperature check.

Cool so far?

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Your Building Blocks

Building blocks are useable across all functions and solutions. These ones are popular for those who want to deliver strategic planning for their organisations.

Strategy maps




Compliance Alerts

Predicted Out-turn


Critical Path

...or get started with our pre-built Strategy App.

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