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Action plan management software

Get your team vested in success.

Breaking big goals down into smaller manageable actions allows for more frequent wins, and increased team motivation.
  • Reaching goals keeps you motivated
  • Staying motivated means you hit the big goals
  • Create a culture of action
  • Deliver on time, on budget. Cut out waste.
Streamlining actions for better use of resources
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Plinian Capital

" I speak this, we are changing people, we are putting in standard operating procedures, and starting to measure leading in indicators like rework. We are starting to really get at, how do we fix the right activities in the right place in the mine, to make the most difference."
a photo of Mark Sander

Mark Sander

Co-Founder - Plinian Capital

Shine a light on those who show a culture of action

Constantly monitoring the pulse of your projects and SOP's for better performance and decision making

Happy action plan management software

Work happier with InPhase.

Drive a performance driven company culture. Motivate project teams with kudos awards. Empower them with workplans that make a difference, and drive out inefficiency and wasted effort.

Happy action plan management with connected teams

Assured action plan management software

Better quality assurance.

  • Rate actions for quality to assure everyone the project and workplan is on track
  • Know when activities stop being aligned to outcomes and re-evaluate
  • Learn from mistakes, don't repeat them
Example Kanban for streaming tasks and projects

Automated action plan management software

Facilitate the right action being taken, at the right time.

Whether it's a nudge to deliver an SOP or assurance that your project spend will result in the highest benefit. InPhase is your clever automated aide-mémoire.

Automated action plan management software
"We can clearly identify areas that require improvement. We have clear actions against these areas with timescales for improvement."
a photo of emma carvell form wirral community nhs trust

Emma Carvell

Clinical Programme Manager SAFE – Wirral Community NHS Trust

Aligned action plan management software

Its all about FOCUS.

Make sure the actions that need to get done, get done. Cut out the rest.

Is everyone focused on your imperatives? What do you want to be famous for? Whatever it is that REALLY matters, InPhase will focus your teams on those priorities and help them park wasted effort.

Automatically deploy actions and SOPs to the team

Silently predicting success and letting you know when you need to take action

Gantt tracking for dependency mapping


Define your SOP and project management processes or create your own governance structures.

Include the full life cycle of project governance including:

  • Capturing ideas,
  • Span of control
  • Voting on popularity
  • Full PID
  • Testing the business case

Assured Delivery

Make project compliance a fun and engaging implementation phase.

See in real time who can to take on more and where adjustments need to be made.

Identity actions likely to fail, and take corrective action when it matters.

Continually predict likely overspend and reforecast the benefits rating.

Update via the kanban view

Integrate Projects

InPhase projects have linked:

  • Risks
  • Drive programmes and portfolios
  • Linked metrics of success
  • Associated data and BI reports
  • Clear line of sign to goals and strategy
  • May drive audit or policy compliance

InPhase is your fully integrated project world.

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Your Building Blocks

Building blocks are useable across all functions and solutions. These ones are popular for those who want to make sure the right actions are done at the right time.

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What if?

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Predicted Out-turn

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Linked Risks

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Cheers and Kudos

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Compliance Alerts

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Critical Path

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Associated data

...or get started with our Action Management or Project & PMO Apps designed espcially for Heath and any type of Regulated Body.

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