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See first-hand how easy Board Assurance can be – Watch on-demand

How to gain better board assurance through triangulated reporting.

Get better board assurance through stronger, triangulated Board Assurance Frameworks.
  • 60 Minutes
  • Healthcare
  • Board Assurance

Achieve robust and reliable board assurance that links risks to priority outcomes and ensures are being controlled effectively. In this exclusive free web conference, you will learn how to get exceptional and next-generation assurance, ensuring you comply with regulatory and operational standards, control and mitigate risk, and drive performance improvement.

This web conference will explore how the InPhase Oversight real-time Board Assurance Framework solution with automated data reporting will help you provide total board assurance and shorten improvement cycles. You will see how a strong Board Assurance Framework will enable you to improve the decision-making process for the most impactful work.

You will learn how to effectively and efficiently collate the right data for assurance and significantly reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to do so. You will learn how integration of risks, incidents, audits, quality and with thorough triangulation and will modernise, digitise and elevate board assurance.

Designed for

  • Chief Nurse
  • Quality Directors
  • Governance Directors
  • Finance Directors
  • Heads of Compliance and Risk

Organisations that should watch

  • Acute & Community Trusts
  • Care Homes & Social Care Providers
  • Emergency Services
  • Integrated Care Systems
  • Independent Healthcare Companies

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Robert Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer, InPhase

As our Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been the visionary leading InPhase to be one of the UK's leading providers of business governance and assurance solutions, and helping organisations align their actions and goals more easily and efficiently using InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

This exclusive conference will cover these key areas:

  • How to make producing the Board Assurance report faster, easier and more efficient, saving vast amounts of time and effort and improving the integrity of the data
  • How triangulation of risk, incident, audit, quality, performance and improvement project data can reinforce robust assurance
  • How live, integrated, real-time reporting leads to better improvement-based decision making and risk control and mitigation
  • How to create fact-based actions aligned with priority outcomes and broader improvement goals for the most impact
  • How to shorten improvement cycles and enhance data analysis for continuous quality improvement

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