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Audit Oversight from InPhase - Eliminating time-consuming, complicated audits once and for all

60 mins | Health Services | Audits

In this exclusive free web conference, find out how Audit Oversight can reduce the time it takes to complete audits, saving the equivalent of 2 clinicians’ time per year, as well as how to amplify audit completion rates with quick and easy to use data capture forms that run at high-speed on any device. You can also learn how to save hours on audit analysis with built-in dashboards for data and compliance in real-time.

We show you how Audit Oversight, the newest addition to our Oversight suite of more than 20 integrated apps, can fully triangulate with Incident Oversight to report and prevent incidents and Quality Oversight against CQC self-assessments and NICE guidelines as well as CAS alerting system for complete assurance. You will also learn how these apps work together to enhance the strength of your audits in line with your broader, continuous improvement goals.

Audits no longer must be overwhelming, time-consuming work. If you want to give your team the best way to complete audits faster and more cost-effectively, with customisable, scalable and unlimited audits, this concise 60-minute webinar is an essential guide to achieving total oversight for maximum results minimum effort.

Your hosts:

Paul Clinton

VP Solutions

Having worked in both the private and public sectors Paul has spent over a decade focusing on improving performance, reducing costs and providing board level assurance through software implementation and data analysis.

Working predominantly with NHS Organisations Paul has a wealth of experience in reviewing business processes, creating strategic improvement plans and tracking benefits realisation.

Andrew Bingham

VP Customer Success

Andrew is responsible for our customer success team, tasked with helping our customers make the most of the opportunities presented by our product features and key business responsibilities of customer retention, adoption and expansion.

Get ahead with these 5 key areas covered in this exclusive web conference:

  • How to free up the equivalent of 2 FTE per year with a faster, super easy-to-use data capture forms that can reduce the time it takes to complete audits
  • How triangulation of audits to incidents, risks, CQC, NICE and policies boost the power of your audits in helping achieve your broader continuous improvement ambitions.
  • How to save hours on audit analysis with built-in dashboards to help you see compliance and completion in real-time
  • How more accurate audits lead to better audit actions with a higher impact on the areas that matter
  • How the right tool needs to be scalable and flexible to support your Trusts growth and future needs without costing the earth for changes.

What is Audit Oversight?

Reduce audit time and improve analysis, one intelligent question at a time, with unlimited, easy-to-use, intelligent audits.

Spend less time doing audits and more time doing what you do best. With unlimited audits, there is no cap or upgrade price on the amount of audits you can do, whether it's for hand hygeine, friends and family surveys, PPE, clinical audits or anything else. Manage audit questions yourself, report on audits in real-time and triangulate audits with any other oversight app.

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