Reduce FOI Requests with Fylde Borough Council and PORTAL (30 mins)

OpenData and transparency made easy. Quick, simple, low cost, high benefit.

Just like Fylde Council, you can reduce your FOI requests.

We love it, it’s incredibly easy to use, and saves us a ton of time. From answering FOI requests, councillors questions, visually showing how staff are contributing to our Corporate Plan, our portal ticks all boxes - being transparent online 24/7.

Alex Scrivens, Performance & Improvement Manager, Fylde Council

Join us for a free webinar on Thursday 26th October 11am GMT, taking you through the ever-increasing demand from the public sector for OpenData and what you can do to easily meet all the requirements and importantly, reduce those FOI requests and free up the capacity of your teams!

During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • What is open data? What the government expects and what information the public wants to see.
  • How you can easily make your data public with PORTAL today.
  • The clear benefits Fylde have delivered from both their in-house Performance and Business Intelligence system and pushing data out to the public.

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