InPhase Case Studies

Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust Case Study

We asked Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust to provide feedback on using InPhase.

In relation to what I am most proud of in what I have done with InPhase, is to actually have all NICE responses ever received (13 years of information) in one place, and grouped together.

Although it has taken a long time to get users identified in the Trust for each speciality this has been down to a Trust re structure more than a lack of engagement with InPhase.

Once all users are regularly using the system, this will take the ‘administration’ side out of my job. Pre InPhase the majority of my time was spent chasing responses and putting reports together, which free up more time to look at responses in-depth and concentrate on the next level of compliance that is required.

I have found the company very easy to deal with. Support calls are dealt with very quickly and always to a more than satisfactory outcome. Paul Whittingham, who I have been working with from the start, is exceptionally helpful and honest, is happy to explain where things will work, or to come up with suggestions to make things better, whilst still bearing in mind the requirements of our Trust, and appears to take pride in the finished product being something that all users are happy with.

Paul has designed me an amazing report, which is very easy to use, the new ‘slicing’ function covers everything I will ever need to report on in one place. I am so happy with it.

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