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Business reporting software

Build your inner confidence. InPhase reporting is unlike any other.

Manage by fact and process, not best guess.
Let the software do the hard work for you:
  • One version of the truth.
  • Reports auto update – even in word. Create once, use forever.
  • Quick ad hoc queries.
  • Delivers information in your frame of reference.
  • Push information to your phone, in box and personal hub for anything critical.
Reporting by interactive dashboard, report, hard copy even Word

Cut the cost of reporting. Make teams happier.

Scalable Platform

Simple and easy to deploy.

Scalable and wide user adoption via the the nurturing platform. Ready out-of-the box then flexible to your needs.

Accelerate with Apps

Embed the knowledge, expertise and skill of consultants, users and partners via hundreds of pre built Apps. Available day one or day one thousand, Apps let you accelerate your implementation and indorse your Rockstar status as a business guru.

Design Guru

Go freely. Build any report your way.

Built from your one version of the truth no-one can get reporting wrong. Make giving employees timely, correct, critical information easy, via reports that facilitate material, trackable action.

Interactive reports, portals and dashboards.

Out the box.

Deploy in days not weeks with what you need available out of the box. We know your needs like no other, so the high frequency reports, dashboards and decision portals come straight out of the solution with no work from you.

Let users play with pickers, slicers, sliders and sorters to locally configure and get what they individually need in a format they love.

Example out of the box auto generated performance report

Reports, portals and dashboards your way

Fully configurable.

Sometimes we all want a little bit of uniqueness, and of course many of our customers want to build their own apps, and new business solutions to meet changing or expanding local needs. The incredible drag and drop interface means if you want to create bespoke reports from scratch you can.

Drag and drop unique custom report

Automate Printed Reports

It prints - yes really prints!

Convert any dashboard into beautiful A4 printed output with special printing sizzle so sections of your reports and dashboards are hidden or revealed when they print. Include commentary, overview information and text captured in InPhase.

Hard copy printed output
Automatically updating Word report

Automate reporting

Word Generator.

Quite literally, create your report just once and let InPhase do all the hard work for you. Extend your one version of the truth into Word, and with a single click update your word report seamlessly. It’s just like magic.

One unified model, any report

Automate reporting

Build it once. Updates automatically.

Where reports are live. No refresh, no running. Even Word generated reports dynamically update. From Board Assurance, to Integrated Quality and Performance Report and internal PIR reports for CQC, or simply this afternoons catch up meeting.
Example alert to a phone

Automate reporting

Let InPhase do all the work.

Forget about running reports. Have everything you need to know sent via email, SMS or direct to your personal performance hub. Real-time, and predictive.
Example of someone using an inphase dashboard

Genius reporting

Unify disparate reporting tools.

Got a lot of reporting tools? Some of our clients HAD over 50 different tools, reporting literally 10,000 reports. We’ll consolidate these for you. We can even leverage all the hard work you’ve done to date, creating blended dashboards from existing Qlik, Power Bi and Tableau visualisations. Each widget is transformed becoming actionable and linked up to projects, audits, outcomes and risks.

Example public portal for performance

Genius reporting

Open Data reporting.

Introducing PORTAL, dashboards without coding. Creating internal and external performance dashboards has never been easier. Equip teams to make informed decisions and anticipate problems before they arise.

Or even deploy for widescale public accessibility, brilliant communication with your stakeholder groups including open data, data transparency and marketing.

Personal performance portal out of the box

Genius reporting

Personalised from day one.

We know that your users, no matter who they are want to see information relevant to them. From day one, all information is automatically routed to the right stakeholders. Personal portals that users LOVE, help drive better more informed and prioritised decision making.

"The inspector was very impressed with the open data portal:- ‘The new Performance Portal shows Blaby's commitment to transparency regarding their performance. Performance measures are made available to meet the scrutiny of the most discerning customers’ We have found PORTAL easy to use and make changes."
the blaby district council logo

Jacqui Clarke

Performance & Systems officer - Blaby District Council

When your staff welfare really matters

Before asking teams what they can do for you, check they are ok, and what you can do for them.. in just a few clicks.

What if

Example dashboard

One click away

Making a REAL difference

"Accessibility of information is light years away from how it was before and literally anyone can use the system, it’s that simple. We have much greater content, with dramatically more depth and breadth and information is much timelier. Decisions we make now are faster and have a greater impact."
a photo of matthew walters from derbyshire county council

Matthew Walters

Principal Policy Officer – Derbyshire County Council
Sentiment analysis dashboard ( example only)

Building Blocks

Reporting in InPhase bring together these building are a few of the 350 available.
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