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Nurture Teams

We're in it together

Enable individuals, teams and services to recognise and share their own achievements and successes. Create a sense of pride and value.

Bring your best team to work and send them home enthusiastic.

Happy staff connected by nurture and motivation

Show your teams you care and you are vested in joint success


Performance and compliance shouldn’t be scary or a bore. Vest everyone in success by breaking big overwhelming goals into lots of little wins, and top those up with a "job well done".


Empower people to share, learn and support one another through better collaboration. Real-time chats, notifications, escalations, check-ins and succession planning create a genuine team culture of positive action.


One unified platform to nurture team performance and create an inclusive culture. Ensure everyone can get on with what needs to be done, at the right time and feel assured they are supported in being efficient, and brilliant.

Happy business management

Lower attrition.

Create happier teams focused on joint success. Use performance, compliance and assurance to drive a collective view of shared accountability for better outcomes.
Winning happy nurtured team

Holistic Enterprise Performance Management

Get on the same page.

Everyone knows what success looks like.

Nothing is dropped and all activity is focused on achieving the outcome.

People feel included in decision making, with better communication on why things are done.

connected team with motivation rolling up

Business management software to love

Be insanely productive.

InPhase users are goal crusaders, activity activists, data obsessed, collaboration champions and compliance confident defenders.

Everyone can use the system in the way that best suits them, helping them reach their own goals.

Nurtured motivated team connected by inphase

Business management software that works

Empathy and caring.

Valued teams contribute more.

If each member of your team increased their productivity by just 5% because they felt valued, trusted and engaged what would be the overall gain for the organisation?

Joining the communication dots to nurture teams

When your staff welfare really matters

Before asking teams what they can do for you, check they are ok, and what you can do for them.. in just a few clicks.

Staff welfare check in

Working under pressure

Your work, your way

Monumental motivation

"The performance management culture within the organisation is enhanced, as its user-friendly but dynamic nature makes talking about and understanding performance far more engaging and relevant."
a photo of anna robinson from the royal borough of windsor and maidenhead

Anna Robinson

Strategy & Performance Manager – Royal Borough Windsor & Maidenhead
screenshot of dependencies between team members

Building Blocks

Team nurturing in InPhase brings together these building blocks...
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