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Creating the collaborative enterprise

An organisation in cahoots

Shift working?
Home working?
Multiple devices?

Never before has one unifed platform delivering one version of the truth been more important.

Ensure your teams can work together, make decisions together, be collectively compliant and support each other.

connecting communication between team members about performance management

Collaboration for happier teams focused on joint success

Unifying business management software

Users Engaged in quality improvement.

Todays superstar organisations:
  • Communicate around the achievement of output and outcomes, not micro management
  • Collaboratively share information creating a culture of openness
  • Create an inclusive culture of team work and being in it together
  • Leverage interactive collaboration methods, not just email, but unify them by goal, audit, risk, target, or project
Team discussing business, audit and compliance performance

Leverage existing business management processes

Collective input, better result.

Teams get better results. Collaborate in chat, or even via MS teams. Link recorded meetings back to the audit, goal, or risk for future reference. Make working as a team, no matter where you are, easy and auditable.

Collaborating using MS Teams inside Inphase

Cooperative business management software

Real-time help and support.

Putting your best foot forward, or struggling with an issue? Best practice enables you in real-time to seek help, discuss resolutions, review documents, view past evidence, share opinions, hurdles and advice - all rolled up in one seamless solution.

Connecting people to get better performance, evidence and analysis

Because working together really matters

Make sure you can collaborate around the your organisational priorities

High Priority Actions

Yes, I can work

Real time chat

Lincolnshire Community Health Services

"InPhase does everything it says on the tin. By providing a single solution we are able to report a single version of the truth to all levels of management creating efficiencies and developing a performance culture throughout the whole organisation."
the lincolnshire nhs community services logo

Deputy Head of Performance

Lincolnshire Community Health Services
Personal performance portal showing collaboration and discussion

Building Blocks

Collaboration in InPhase brings together these building blocks...
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